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Mr. Dahlin, I don't know where you get your information, but you are dead wrong about Sheriff Rahr. She is is absolutely not a wonderful person, and if you read the papers, you will see that she has been directly involved in numerous coverups for her out-of-control deputies and Detectives.  I will likely be filing a lawsuit against her, among many others in her department and King County Government.
One of her detectives charged me with an offense which would carry up to a 20 year prison sentence simply for standing on my porch with my shotgun to convince two DDES men, who were conducting an illegal search and violating NO TRESPASSING signs, to terminate their search and leave my property. DDES knows that they are generally unwelcome in rural areas, and that there have been numerous incidents with landowners. In other words, they sent TWO officers because it was their intention to provoke and harass me.
Her detective worked closely with Elizabeth Deraitus of DDES to push through these inflated charges. The Detective lied numerous times in his sworn statements, and in particular, claimed that a certain deputy DA was the one who decided on the charges. In fact, that deputy DA denies knowing anything about the case.
Two of her officers were among the four who performed a no-knock raid, bursting into my house without ever identifying themselves, and holding my wife and I at gunpoint. I went to my local precinct to file a complaint, but the Detective who was already engaged in a conspiracy with DDES swore at me and physically escorted me from the station and told me he wouldn't take the complaint, but rather threatened me with further further public denegration of my reputation should I decide to proceed with my complaint.
When I requested an investigation of the matter from the Sheriff's office, they refused, instead just calling me a liar... but they never actually questioned the cops involved. I sent an email to Sheriff Rahr's office pleading her to question the four men involved independently and quickly, but she never responded.
Sheriff Rahr is absolutely one of the bad guys. She has been involved in numerous cover-ups, both before and during her tenure as Sheriff. Remember that although she is indepently elected, she still works for Ron Sims, because he is the one that controls her budget. She is beholden to Sims, and rather than standing up for the law, she seriously violates it at his whim.

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What's going on with Bob Ferguson is an attempt to so denegrate the sheriff's office that the people will vote to remove that position from an ELECTED position and make it another APPOINTED position like the Elections (Dean Logan) and make it another tool of the Simms dynasty!
I know that you're trying to gather signitures for another matter but, please be alert!
Sheriff Sue Rohr is a wonderful person and is surrounded by hyenas aiming to destroy the only citizen friendly elected official left.
As the sheriff, she has powers equal to and, sometimes, greater than the executive.  Only she can hold him accountable and, even though Norm Melang has sold out and become a slime bag, she is still struggling to run the sheriff's department as a stand alone agency not connected to the corruption that grips the rest of the county.  Please step in to the meeting and sound off for Sue Rohr and the independence of the sheriff's office.

Renton, Washington