Bette, Rick and Others at Unincorporated Area Council (UAC), to rural landowners everywhere,
And to the King County and Snohomish County Councils and the News Media:

And that is not all.  Mr. David Spohr (your newly appointed King County rural ombudsman) was the justice department attorney (Seattle) that prosecuted the case against:  WARREN BERES and VICKI BERES, Husband and Wife, Plaintiffs, in the East Lake Sammamish Trail case (No. 03-785L) described below.

Fifth Amendment Taking; Railroad Easement; Reversionary Interest; General Railroad Right of Way Act of 1875, 43 U.S.C. 934 et seq.; Abandoned Railroad Right of Way Act of 1922, 43 U.S.C. 912; National Trails System Act Amendments of 1983, 16 U.S.C.  1247(d); National Trails System Improvements Act of 1988, 16 U.S.C. 1248(c).


JOHN M. GROEN, Groen, Stephens & Klinge, LLP, Bellevue, WA, for the plaintiffs.


DAVID W. SPOHR, Trial Attorney, General Litigation Section, Environment and Natural Resources Division, United States Department of Justice, Seattle, WA, for the Defendant.   (my highlight for emphasis)


ANDREA FERSTER, General Counsel, CHARLES H. MONTAGNE, Attorney, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Seattle, WA, amicus curiae.


And look who filed the Amicus Brief in support of the government.  The government has many well-heeled friends.  Mostly wealthy socialists and radical environmentalists.


To learn more see:


and my understanding is, the government lost the case.


My strong suggestion is for all rural landowners to call for Mr. Spohr's immediate resignation, or to load him up so badly with complaints, that he will go back to the U. S. Justice Department.


His appointment is a slap in the face to all King County rural landowners and nothing more than WINDOW DRESSING from an out-of-control government.  It has all the earmarks of what Ron Sims did right after the CAO was passed.  He hired a rural liaison officer (one all-lower-case joan burlinghame) to placate the rural landowner.   When does this garbage stop?  Or better yet, when do King County rural landowners rise up and say "enough is enough" from the bowels of the Ho Chi Min City of Seattle?  What is it about dictatorial rule, you all don't get?


Pass this around so that others can see what a farce your King County government really is.





Ron Ewart

Fall City, WA

425 222-9482

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Rick, I've got to clarify one thing. I don't think the book (War on the West) names David Spohr by name as the vicious attorney that did everything humanly possible to destroy Wayne Hage. (I was going by Ron Ewart's research that Spohr was one of the guys prosecuting Wayne, and Ron is a good researcher, so I'm assuming he is correct.) That case was so vicious, and so brutal that it was national news for years among property rights people. It was prosecuted in such a mean and dirty way, that it appeared that if they could have killed Wayne, they would have. As it is, the battle did kill his wife. 
What's important, is that it was a tragedy that our own government would wage such a "to the death" battle against a simple rancher. They spent millions of dollars trying to destroy the man, just to make an example of him, and eventually hoping to do the same thing to other ranchers. The Justice Department truly did wage a "War on the West."
Now years later, justice is finally being served. The courts have finally concluded Wayne Hage was within his rights all along and had done nothing wrong. What was stolen from him has still not yet been restored, but it will eventually be. Fortunately Wayne survived, albeit without his ranch, his cattle and his wife. Unfortunately, for all of us, the heartless attorneys who wanted to destroy him did too, and we apparently now have one of them working right here in little old King County as our own "rural advocate." It is difficult to believe that anyone on the government side of that case could in any way be a respecter of "property rights" by any stretch of the imagination.
Just wanted to clarify that.
Bette Filley

ron ewart <> wrote:
Did it occur to you that both Reagan Dunn and the new ombudsman both came out of the Justice Department?  Coincidence?  I wonder.  They probably knew each other.
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Subject: UAC Meeting 5-17

One of your biggest supporters and a board member on the  UAC  has expressed disappointment that you have failed to make a single UAC meeting since you have been elected.
A Mr. Anderson was also at the meeting and had hoped to see you, said he has repeatedly called your office, no response,  he too mentioned his disappointment that you are unreachable.
Some of your opponents supporters were quick to add that's what happens when an Urban comes to the Rural Area. 
Thet were told  you were out of town on official county business as an envoy to Australia representing our area.
There seems to be some concern that perhaps your staff aren't getting the message to you,
In your defense it was mentioned you have been working to get out to all of your district.....
The Rural Ombudsman selected has raised the Ire of those in our community as well as others in similar communities. There is a book out titled War On The West, it portrays the ombudsman appointee as a cruel vicious attorney representing government that will stop at nothing to take land. I surely hope this isn't the case. If this is true, we will demand his resignation. This is a ground swell of folks that claim there is surely a connection between him and someone either on the council or in the King County Government. There are individuals researching just how he became familiar with the Job.  I frankly don't care, what I do care about is how he is going to perform. If he is who is described in the Book, we're worse off than without an Ombudsman. If this is the case the entire Ombudsman issue is a waste of time. I would like your take on where he came from, surely you must have some idea.  This guy didn't just find us. 

Rick Spence
4 Creeks President

Rick Spence
4 Creeks President