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Subject: [proprights] Information links for new ombudsman

The question, of course, is now going to be whether there is one David Spohr . . . or two . . . but it looks more like there's one.
Interesting that the P-I tells us that the job requires a mediator, not a property rights advocate . . . hmmmm?
Even more interesting to learn that Mr. Spohr was the federal government's lawyer in the Hage case . . . and that he was certainly not arguing the property owner's side of the case.
So, we need a mediator more than we need a property rights advocate . . . OK . . . but why are we getting a mediator who has been paid in a past life to try to take property rights away from good people?
. . . Just wondering, mind you . . .
Not that this means that he won't work out OK, but lawyers are taught to be capable of arguing either side of a case equally well, regardless of where their heart stands on the issue in question.  I simply wonder which side of the fence this fellow's heart falls on.

https://www.mediate.com/nwadr/2006DRConferenceFinal.pdf (He presented at this conference in April, 2006 . . . I'm sure it was all just a coincidence . . . can we somehow get a recording of his presentation, along with any PowerPoint files included?