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Subject: How Government Is Using Roundabouts To Run Us Around Our Property Rights

To:     NARLO Members, American Rural landowners, Interested Parties, Senator Cheryl Pflug, Reps, Rodne and Anderson, (5th District) Senator Pam Roach, Jay Manning (DOE), the entire King County Council and the news media.
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO)
FOR:  Mostly Washington State taxpayers and property owners.   But don't be fooled.  These kinds of injustices are happening in every state in the Union, as European, UN, socialism and radical environmental influences, slowly but surely usurp our remaining constitutional rights, in pursuit of the one-world-order.

NOTE:  As a standard policy, NARLO does not forward other e-mails, but this one from an angry and articulate rural landowner, is the exception.   Although it outlines a local issue, it is a universal one in every state.  We hope you will take the time to read the whole e-mail, including our introduction and understand how your government, through stealth, is removing the American people's right to be the "consent of the governed". Government knows what is best for us and by God they are going to shove it down our collective throats whether we like it or not.  As anyone with eyes to "see", they are doing a damn good job of it. 
"It doesn't take guns to conquer a people, it just takes millions of stupid laws."
Ron Ewart

The following is an e-mail message from rural landowner and American patriot, Jack Venrick, outlning why the government "inmates" are in charge of the asylum.  From fish and habitat culverts, to European-style roundabouts, to the ESA, the GMA, and the CAO and to millions of other federal, state and local land use and environmental laws, American citizens have become nothing but serfs who must bow down to the almighty government, both politicians and bureaucratic demagogues alike.  The Indians use sympathetic, spineless courts to blackmail American taxpayers to pay for returning their precious salmon habitat back to its pristine condition of 150 years ago. 
On top of the Indians, we have the wealthy and politically powerful environmental groups lobbying the legislatures and using the courts to force radical, un-American environmentalism down the throats of rural Americans, while the city folk get off virtually scot-free.  So much for equal protection under the law.  Have they forgotten the 14th Amendment?
It would appear that every time that any of us bring up these egregious injustices, nothing happens except for the giant yawn that comes out of the mouths of those of you (in government) who have the power to do something.  Your silence is an insult, if not a slap in the face to American citizens and taxpayers that are demanding redress from government.  Your usurpations will not last forever.  Do not make the mistake of forgetting the law of unintended consequences.  You can't herd Americans like you would sheep.
For over a year we have reseached these fish and habitat culverts being foisted on the backs of rural taxpayers, when the mandate for installing them comes out of federal or state statutes.  Why the Hell should rural landowners have to pay for a federal or state mandate?  Why indeed!
So if you have the courage, take the time to read Jack's prophetic words on how government (the inmates) is in charge of the asylum.  This asylum that use to be called the free United States of America, but is no longer.
If you do take the time to read it, perhaps you (the government) will answer this one very poignant question.
If past history is any guide, probably nothing!
For those taxpayers and landowners reading this, the only reason government gets away with this crap is because you stand there and do nothing.  Government only responds to the rising collective voices of tens of thousands of Americans who demand that government stay within its constitutional limits.  No other power, short of armed revolution, will have any affect on them.  If you don't care, neither do they and their power rises accordingly.  That is exactly the "State of the Union" today.
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)
Website: www.narlo.org

To: WA DOT & King County DOT
cc: American Property Owners, WA State House & Senate, WA AG, Association of WA Cities, WA DOE, King County Ag Commission, King County Council, Media, American Policy Center, Evergreen Freedom Movement, Freedom Groups 
Looking West SE 416th & SR 169
Proposed location of a $4 million roundabout for humans
Enumclaw, WA Community Meeting Held to Stop State Forced Roundabout
The following are my meeting notes and my opinion FYI.
The Nitty Gritty
P.S. #1   Here is another type of "roundabout" for fish and an example of how government railroads local rural property owners.
Intersection of SE 416th and 244th SE looking West
Before installation of an est.  $500,000 concrete fish "roundabout"
There are NO problems at this intersection!
NO safety problems, NO water problems & NO fish.
Here is a Qwest cable being rerouted for the ghost fish
Qwest contractors installing phone cable splice box to reroute Qwest phone cable
This took several men and several large machines 3 days work.
The work crew had no idea why they were doing it.
The City of Enumclaw has to also reroute a water line. 
This needless fish roundabout was not approved nor authorized by the local property owners affected.  
    1. But it will cost us big time.  
    2. Our local main road is shut down for near a month.
    3. There was no local meetings about this.
    4. Nor were the rural property owners asked if they wanted it.
    5. Nor was the City of Enumclaw tax payers asked. 
    6. The King County Council said nothing.
    7. The King County DOT contact never replied to my email or set up a meeting  
Please see attached email from Ron Ewart www.narlo.org and Barb Lindsey of One Nation United https://www.onenationunited.org which covers the background of this long string of government imposed usurping and meddling of private and public property.  Check out both web sites and discover how government unconstitutional takes more of our private and public property.
There is a long rope of government taking intertwined with many smaller cords of taking.  Each level of government downstream becomes less effective in representing its people because of this intertwined tapestry of taking.   
"From its inception, the right of property in Russia became associated with the consolidation of the nobility's power over the peasants and the abuse of the serf system.....The property rights bestowed by the tsarist regime became identified with its despotic authority."
 Property And Freedom, pg. 196, Richard Pipes

Culvert ruling backs tribes

By Lynda V. Mapes

Seattle Times staff reporter

In a landmark decision more than 30 years in the making, a federal judge Wednesday ruled the state can't build or maintain road culverts that hurt fish passage or diminish fish populations because that violates tribal treaty rights to fish.

The case has broad implications to spur the pace and increase the cost of state culvert repairs already under way around Western Washington. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez, expected to be appealed, could also lead tribes to seek other habitat protections.

"This could be very big," said Mason Morisset, an attorney representing tribes in the case. "If it stands, you will see tribes assert themselves on a broad range of activities to protect the habitat. Whether it's clearing wetlands or building roads and developments ... , if we can show you are going to have a net loss of habitat, that is a treaty rights violation."

The judge posed no remedy in the decision; that's a step that will begin next week. Fixing more culverts faster is sure to be on the table. And that is going to be expensive.

"I'm not going to use the 'B' word, but it's millions of dollars," said Fronda Woods, assistant attorney general for the state of Washington, the defendant in the case.

The case pertains to fish habitat everywhere north of the Columbia River and west of the Cascade crest, affecting the treaty rights of about 20 tribes that brought the suit.

No state agency faces a bigger potential bill than the Department of Transportation, with about 800 culverts in Western Washington to fix.

"I have great concern from a budget perspective," said Paula Hammond, interim transportation secretary.

The agency has already spent $40 million identifying and fixing problem culverts since 1991 and intends to spend $69 million more over the next 12 years. Now it looks like that won't be enough.

"It's likely hundreds of millions of dollars of corrections that would need to be made," Hammond said. "We don't have those kinds of funds, and you have to weigh this against the costs for maintaining and preserving our existing infrastructure."

The ruling didn't speak to culverts built and maintained by local governments, raising questions about broader implications of the decision.

"What's next?" Hammond asked. "Think about a stream as it crosses a city street and a county road and a state highway as it makes its way to Puget Sound.

"It doesn't solve the problem unless you correct the whole corridor, and if we can't afford it at the state level, the local agencies certainly can't," Hammond said.

For tribes, the ruling was a long-awaited culmination of the original Boldt decision, U.S. vs. Washington. In that case, tribes sought not only affirmation of their treaty right to fish in their usual and accustomed places, but protection of habitat to ensure that fish would always be there to catch.

P.S. #2  Here is  amphitheater "roundabout" for the tribe (MIT)and another example of government meddling and illegitimate taking of rural private property. 
This was rural farm private property but with the right amount money and the right connections, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe bought the land, transferred it into the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs tribal trust, fired a protesting BIA manager.  Then they proceeded to build a 20,000 seat outdoor amphitheater holding 40 some events a year.  Gambling and entertainment big business are using tribal sovereignty to take private property all over America.  Local Enumclaw people tried for years to stop it, but were stiffed by King County Council and the courts.  This mess is 5 miles from me.  They had over a dozen choices of sites not on the Enumclaw rural farm land plateau but they were allowed to take this one piece of rural private property.  Yet we cannot use our land, clear our ditches, drain our fields, remodel our homes, subdivide our land for our relatives, etc.
P.S. #3.  Here is another example of how King County Council and government meddles and extorts rural private property
"Picture a dairy farm with no diary cows"...
King County Council sells a multimillion dollar bond to the King County citizens.  Seattle voters and environmental extremists who do not live out here want to park out the Enumclaw Plateau but do not want to pay for it themselves.  So they raise the money through a bond that everybody pays for the rest of their life to buy out the development rights of a few farms.  They distort and misrepresent the wording and advertising in the bond measure.  It is the primarily the green crowd in Seattle pushing these unconstitutional takings.  The dairy farm near me was given $400,000 and has since gone out of business.  Milk prices were too unstable.  He sells off half the farm and contracts to stay alive and raises corn.  All of which probably barely pay for the property taxes and his living expenses.  This is government social engineering at its "finest". 
This is why our Founding Fathers designed a limited government.  These are just a few local examples or how big government has created a long rope of takings of our constitutional and natural rights.   Big government and big special interest are weaving a rope of taking that is hanging us all out to dry.
P.S. #4.  The cities, with the help of Association of Washington Cities and State and counties grab rural farm land to grow their tax base. 
It won't be long before there is no rural land because the local cities will take it for their own coffers.  The Growth Management Act is not what you think.  It is an unconstitutional taking of private property for the sole benefit of government at all levels PLUS their partners in crime, i.e. the green extreme groups and the green businesses. 
Few will see the following:
The so called Growth Management Act, Critical Area Ordinance, Endangered Species Act, et al, are an environmental ponzi scheme, taking and redistributing basic God given, natural and constitutional rights from every honest man and women in America.  
American government at all levels has become a deadly cancer against all our freedoms and liberties.  We have reached a flash point between the takers and the taken.  Socialism and Communism in Washington State cannot coexist with free people.
"Russian servitors had no guarantees of personal rights, which is why they cannot be called nobles: their landed estates, indeed their ranks and very lives, were dependent on the goodwill of the tsar and his officials.  No charters were issued to them before the modern era (1785) of the kind that were familiar in medieval Poland, Hungary, England and Spain.  From this point of view, the status of a Russian noble" was no different from that of the lowest commoner, and so it comes as no surprise that in addressing the tsar the highest dignitaries of the realm referred to themselves as his slaves.  Land tenure entailed not so much rights as obligations, and there were even cases heavily punishable under a law of 1642 of dvoriane trying to evade state service by bonding themselves as slaves to other landlords.
How extreme was the hostility of the Russian monarchy to private property can be seen from the fact that it refused to acknowledge as inviolate property even personal belongings, recognized as such by the most primitive societies.  Russians had no certainty that government agents would not seize any object of value in their possession and forbid trade in any commodity by declaring it a state monopoly.  Fletcher thus describes the anxiety he encountered among Russian merchants:
"The great oppression over the poore Commons, maketh them to have no courage in following their trades: for that the more they have, the more daunger they are in, not onely of their goods,  but of their lives also......""  Property And Freedom, pg. 178-179 Richard Pipes
Jack Venrick
Rural & Watching
My Freedom & Liberties
Being Taken
Unjustly, ungodly, unnaturally,
And Unconstitutionally
Enumclaw, WA
"The wise man says, " I am looking for the truth," and the fool, "I have found the truth".
Russian Proverb