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Here are my comments to your questions in random order PYR.
In What ways could EFF be most effective in the fight against violations of property rights?
1.  Educate the public about the green iron triangle of taking our private property, freedoms and liberties by government, eastern environmental funded movement and the green businesses, all of whom live off of the public pig trough.
2.  Too start to understand the big picture and connect all the dots of taking of our private property please read the attached article "How Runaway Environmentalism is Wrecking America.
3.  Expose the truth and lies of the anti freedom movement to take away all our constitutional rights, remove our borders, our English language and tax us beyond the grave.  All dots of taking connect to paint a picture.
4.  Expose the green triangle agenda of taking with government programs such as the so called Endangered Species Act. 
5.  Expose the UN Agenda 21 of  "Sustaining Development" and "Smart Growth" which is a European plan to park out the rural areas and rat pack the urban areas.  Here is a great site on this subject
6.  Be a voice for the Washington State property owners & rights grass root groups.
7.   Track and expose violations of the State and U.S. Constitution laws relating to confiscation of private property.  Ron Ewart has some details on this.
8.  Sue/litigate any environmental or government agency/employee that threatens to take private property including our rights to use our land the way we see fit, to use our water, to access our land, or otherwise restrict any use of private property and meddle in the affairs of free farmers, ranchers and land owners.
9.  Educate Olympia about the destruction of our private property rights, freedoms & liberties by government, eastern environmental movement & green businesses, e.g. taking = legislating, judicating, administrating free people to death.
10.  Help stop the exponential rise in closed door decisions on public policies by unelected bodies of government employees, environmental extremist, left wing socialist and all the other social engineering folks who are meddling in our life and taking all our individual private freedoms and liberties.  Help disband the 200 some committee, councils that advice the State Governor.
11.  Help define what freedom really means, as in pre 1776 freedom.  Freedom means free to choose.  Freedom does not mean the growing trend  of government and environmental and union force to have their way.
12.  Tie in our great American history to all of the above and how total individual freedom is the miracle of our genius and success.  And conversely show how the ever increasing strangling oppressive regulation is driving us all towards socialism and communism and a revolution.
13.  I have spent two years studying all of this and more, day and night.  "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by Edward Griffin says it all and is well documented.  The documentary DVD by Aaron Russo, "America - Freedom To Fascism is excellent.  I have some if you need a few. Otherwise you can order a 100 for a $1 each at this linked site.
14.  EFF can become a library of credible freedom authors, books, articles, DVD's, CD's.  More and more fascinating information is becoming available as America wakes up out of its hibernation into socialism and communism. 
15.  Ron Ewart's work is excellent.  His pamphlets, CD's, email, speeches are all must read and hear for any freedom loving property owner and lover of freedom.
16.  It is becoming increasingly clear that we have morphed into a society of "takers" and the "taken".   All of our government, growing social welfare, social engineering, state run educational system, the green iron triangle, political parties, cities, counties, states and federal courts, legislative and executive bodies are the takers.  The property owners and private citizens are the "taken".   This message must be amplified so all citizens in Washington State understand what freedom really means.
17. The 16th Amendment in our U.S. Constitution is illegitimate.  Income taxes on the wages of Americans is unconstitutional.  Wages are private property.  The Founding Fathers loathed taxes, ran from and fought against King George III tyranny of tax taking.  The foundation of our government, our constitution and our Declaration of Independence prohibits the taxing of wages.  The existing tax system in America is diabolic, fraudulent  & unconstitutional.  It has been foisted upon all Americans by naive and conniving politicians & central bankers.  Reference sources #13.  EFF had add credibility to these facts long thought to be only conspiracy theory.
18.  There is no law requiring a U.S. citizen to file a 1040 form and pay taxes.  The IRS has been challenged on this many times and has refused to provide proof.  Reference sources in #13 above.  I have found multiple credible sources and this movement is growing. 
19.  Income taxes are voluntary and so stated in the tax code. Reference sources in #13 above.
20.  America's freedom have been taken through gradualism some 55 years after the landing of ancestors in 1620 at Plymouth Rock, MA.  This is when England came after us again to rob us to pay for its wars against France and Spain.  Nothing has changed in near 400 years.
21.  It is imperative all free people understand this big picture before we can work together to take back all of our freedoms and liberties we have lost including those freedoms we never had.
22.  Again the big picture is America's freedom have been taken by ruthless conniving European and America wealthy families, gullible and ignorant politicians, political parties and greedy mobs who use and grow big government to take by force what they have cannot acquire by themselves through free choice.
23.  Last but not least Americans must understand that they indeed have "certain unalienable Rights" and these are called natural rights.  Governments and mobs have crossed over the line of free choice decades, even centuries ago.  Americans have allowed themselves to become stupefied and numb to their own God given rights and power. 
24.  EFF is the model reformer in our sick State run schools.  We must have Free Choice and the Truth regarding all of the above takings of our freedom and liberties before Americans can grasp the magnitude of their own natural rights and power.  Conversely, this new empowerment of  "certain unalienable rights" will guide us all to the revelation of what we have given up unnecessarily and ultimately to their own demise.
What is the greatest need in the fight for property rights within WA?
1.  The truth must be aggressively dug up and given out to Washingtonians.  Without the truth, we will continue to be enslaved in the dark.
2.  Public awareness of the definition of individual freedom and natural rights.
3.  Washingtonians must be reeducated to understand we have been indoctrinated to believe America is Free.
4.  Once we have replanted the truth and reawaken the true meaning of freedom and individual free choice, freedom will reseed itself.
5.  Last but not least and perhaps the most important would be amplifying what Steve Hammond is doing, i.e. being an advocate for property owners who have been totally abandoned and left for the liberal environmental government wolves including King Communist County, WA DOE , and the court system.
6.  I know this #5 is where you are headed gathering stories and we have lots of them. 
Thank you Andrew and Bob and EFF for all you do!  Congratulations on your recent success at the U.S. Supreme Court.  We should have had you and AG Rob McKenna for Ms. Kelo in that 5 to 4 disaster decision.  Go figure how this Supreme Court can see the truth unanimously about free choice on unions but cannot see it on the rights of a private property owner in New London, CT.
Did you know that Benedict Arnold looted & burned the port at New London, CT just miles from where he was born and raised in 9-6-1781.  He turned coat by giving the British an opportunity to capture West Point in 10-2-1780.  Something about New London, must be the ghost of King George the III?  hahaha
Jack Venrick
Learning What Freedom Really Means
Absolute Free Choice Without Conditions
Without Government & Mob Force
Enumclaw, WA
Much of this is high-minded and I do not pretend it is what EFF can subscribe too or set its sight on.  However, I felt it was the "best" I could give you at this point in my discovery.  The Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) and Ron Ewart's group National Association of Rural Land Owners (NARLO) and others are in constant discussion of all these ideas and more.  Another point I see, is those who have been fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms are way ahead on this curve of constitutional taking.  There is a pecking order of taking in our history.
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  Thanks again for all of your help!  I did have one other question.  As I mentioned before, I am to evaluate whether or not EFF should establish a property rights center.  I believe that you could be extremely helpful in this by answering some questions.  First of all, in what ways could EFF be most effective in the fight against violations of property rights?  What is the greatest need in the fight for property rights within WA?  Your thoughts on these questions would be most helpful.  Thanks again for all that you’ve done and have a good day!