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"17 Years For Justice -
The Final Chapter in the Saga of Wayne Hage"
By Ron Ewart, President
Copyright June 11, 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Some of you are familiar with the story of rancher Wayne and Jean Hage of Southeastern, Nevada.  Some are not.  But this story of government injustice should ring in every ear of every rural landowner in America.  It should be put on the curriculum in every public school.  If government can do this to Wayne Hage, they can do it to any landowner and have. 
Finally, after seventeen years of fighting the government, a U. S. Claims court has awarded the estate of Wayne Hage (he died before he was able to realize his victory) over $4,000,000 as just compensation for a massive 5th Amendment TAKING.  This is a story of courage, persistence and perseverance of one man who believed strongly in his property rights, so much so that he took on Goliath, the U. S. Federal Government, and won (unfortunately, posthumously).
Rather than bore you with a long dissertation of the details in this article, we are going to provide you with one link to the Court decision awarding the Hage estate the $4,000,000+.  A good portion of the whole Wayne Hage story is detailed in the court decision.  But one of the statements that appeared at the end of the court decision will ring out across America like a thousand liberty bells and give solace to those of us who know what the government is doing or those who have been victims to what the government is doing, on the cult that is radical environmentalism/fascism.  The judge's statement reads as follows:
"The takings clause (of the 5th Amendment) was not written to protect against frivolous exercises of government power, but more precisely to protect against the opposite.  Presumably, the political process protects against most frivolous exercises.  The protection of the 5th Amendment is most needed to protect the minority against the exercise of governmental power when the need of government to regulate is greatest and the desire of the popular majority is the strongest.  In this way, and in this way only, does the judiciary properly affect policy and that affect is to adjudicate the limits that the rule of law and a written constitution impose upon popular government.  The existence of property rights, not the judiciary's finding of a "taking", impose these limits."  [color-underline-bold is our emphasis]
What is sad and tragic is that it took 17 years to finally perfect the promises and guarantees of the 5th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, for one property owner, at a cost of millions of dollars.  We can only hope that the precedent set here will allow others to receive justice in a much shorter period of time.  Following is the link to the Court Decision.  For those who care about property rights and other constitutional freedoms, we encourage you to read it carefully.
We want to expressly thank the great folks at Good Neighbor Law in Greeley, CO for providing us with the link to the Hage Court Final Decision from their website

NOTE:  In our last e-mail entitled: "What If They Are All Corrupt?" we inserted a link about what illegal aliens are costing our health care system in just one hospital in Florida.  We were informed by a reader that the link was not working.  We have repeated our introduction to that link here and have confirmed that the link is working properly.
As a general rule, we do not forward messages to our e-mail list, but we felt the following video link should be seen by as many people as possible.  Illegal immigration is costing this country (that's us) billions of dollars every year in lost jobs, education, medical treatment and social services and this video indicates just one of the areas in which the American taxpayer is getting screwed royally.   Being a generous people is one of America's finest traits but our generosity will eventually be our undoing, if this insanity is allowed to continue.  We encourage you to watch this short, 3 minute video and learn how your government is allowing our generosity to be thoroughly trashed at a huge cost.
If the rural folks of America would rise up en masse against the injustices inflicted upon them by an out-of-control government, as happened to Wayne Hage and his wife, these injustices would come to a screeching halt.  Property rights is the basis of all of our rights, being the unalienable gift from our creator.  Without property rights, no other rights are possible.
"A freedom not defended, is a freedom denied."
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Ron Ewart, President


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