By Jack Venrick, Enumclaw, WA Landowner

(1,299 words)

I tip my Stetson to the people who are fighting to take back all our freedoms.  Your spirit is what it is all about.  People like Edwina Johnston of Seattle and Rod McFarland of Renton are what "constant vigilance" is all about.  You take yourself out of your comfort zone continually and put yourself at risk to reach out to others to help them see that freedom is not free. 

I also tip my Stetson to people like Charles Strouss and Karl and Diana Lechner and the thousands of others who have sacrificed their way of life to the brutality of King County Executive Ron Sims and King County government and Executive Sims' Gestapo DDES director, Stephanie Warden.

It cost nothing to steal our freedom because the socialist government and the environmental extremist and all of us who participate, take from the government pig trough of our own volition.

However it may cost us everything to take back our Freedom.  It could very well cost our lives, our fortunes, our way of life, our peace of mind and the use of land and homes, to purge society of socialized education, a socially engineered culture and to protect our constitutions, our freedom, or liberty, our property rights, our religion and even marriage itself.

It is time for all of us to pull ourselves up to help each other.  Each of us can all do more to fight for individual FREEDOM.  We have to throw off this ignorance of socialism and forced groupthink and the village view of life, over individual FREEDOM.

Anybody who tries to force their group view upon another individual, especially how they manage their lives, their land, their resources on their own property, or their children's education, are effectively stealing each person's individual rights and their personal freedoms and choices.  Group demands steal the individual beauty of free choice.  This is the wonder of freedom.  Freedom is not a group it is at a soul level.  That is why this country is so great and prosperous.  It recognizes the individual divinity within each of us   Each individual one of us, is us.  When we voluntarily assimilate together, we are us. When we force each other into groups, that is not us.

Those people in government like Seattle's Senator Adam Kline and King County's Executive Ron Sims and those special interest groups that these people serve, (i.e. 1000 Friends of Washington/Futurewise, CELP, WEC, WEA, NEA, MBA, etc.) want what their sponsoring group demands.  These groups have grown to believe they have group "freedoms" and "rights".  They believe they are acting in the interest of their groups to have more green policies, higher wages and more regulation, serving the group or the village.  But America is not the "borg". (a reference to a "collective" in TV's Star Trek series)

There is a constant increasing tension in free societies between these group "rights" and individual freedom.  These groups struggle for generations, increasing their demands and control to "feed" from the public pig trough.  The government in turn morphs itself through this groupthink, giving into the group demands.  What they do not understand and/or they choose to ignore, are the individual freedoms they trade off each time they give the groups more access to the public pig trough.

Each time a Senator Kline, or Executive Sims, or President Bush, gives into the group demands to feed more from the public trough, they give away more of our individual freedoms, choices and liberties.

Freedom cannot survive the way Senator Kline, Executive Sims, and the majority of the King County Council and the Washington House and Senate do business.  Freedom cannot survive the way President Bush is giving into the groups either.

These people and this type of socialist and globalist groupthink, are creating vacuums of individual freedom (Hell holes) within our free country.  Freedom has become a block of Swiss cheese eaten up by groupthink.  Most of the big cities in America work like this and are destroying us. This is why you see the blue party colors predominant in the big metropolitan areas and the red in the rural areas.  

I am retired and a member of a union for retired engineers.  I love my land and live a rural life style.  That does not mean I want a closed union shop or want to force down gang green extreme environmentalism on everyone.  The original founder of unions wanted free choice.

What is it about freedom that groups of people who take from others, do not understand?  When you take from the public pig trough, or you take from anyone what they do not want to give, you are stealing.  Whether you legislate it, regulate it, or enforce it, you are taking away individual freedom when it is not wanted by the majority of those people of those who are being impacted by the group decision.  You do not compromise, or make deals with your committee members, to trade off individual freedoms for what you or your group wants. 

How you treat your own friends and family is how you should treat all people.  People, like County Executive Sims and his council of "Takers" and 1000 Friends of Washington and WEC, who would sue to get their way, would never think of suing their own friends or neighbors.  But they would sue a faceless rural landowner, or threaten a county or city council with legal harassment to get their way.  This is the insanity of groupthink.  They would do anything to get their drug of choice.

This pervasive "taking" group that is sweeping across our land, needs to wake up and understand it is the equivalent of molesting freedom.  We are all children of freedom.  When you have to legally and even physically molest your own citizens to get what the group wants, you are creating a generation of anger and resentment that will stain this free land forever.

When political groups push their agenda over individual freedoms and individual choices, they are destroying each one of us. Anyone can be extreme and mean.  Anyone can take from another.  Anyone can abuse another.  Anyone can steal from another.  Anyone can be angry and strike out at another.  Anyone can generate tons of paper and laws and regulations and ordinances and acts and laws.

Few of us can limit them selves to the basic State and U. S. Constitutions.  Few of us can abide by the intentions of the founding fathers and keep this USS Ship of Freedom on the course of a Constitutional Republic.  Few of us can limit their own ego, or their own anger, or their greed, or even their willingness to please the groups, at any expense of freedom.  Few can say NO to pandering groups.  Few can say "no more" to group takings.  Few will stand up and risk their careers and say I will play this game no more, of taking from the individual freedoms of others, to give to selfish group demands. 

Government, special interest groups and political groups who try to force their way upon us, using strangling regulations, without the consent of those who elected them and those who are affected by them, are abusing us. The political groups, special interest groups and government, have become molesters and stalkers of our individual freedoms.  They are addicted to their drugs of choice so much they are taking away all our individual freedoms of choice.

When will all of us stand up together and drop our differences and recognize how precious INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM is?  When will each of these groups who push so hard to take from each of us individually, come to honor individual freedom and INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE, over group forced choice?   

God Bless us and God bless each of us, as individuals.