The Charles Strouss Letter To The Editor below describing at what length King County WA Department of Development and Environmental Science (Stephanie Warden) and the administration of Ron Sims and his Democratic machinery on the King County Council are doing gives me pause to reflect the silence which allows the "locker room" bully behavior. 
Even the Republican party is responsible for this by allowing it this to happen without prosecution and legal and financial support to stop it.  Don't tell me the Republicans are out voted either.  How can you be out voted to support violence?  There is simply no excuse for allowing this behavior.  There is enough blame to go around to every public employee and political party person that has either pushed for or not stopped all of the egregious property taking policies including the state Growth Management Act, the Critical Area Ordinance, water rights takings, including the liberal use of eminent domain.  These bully takings can be blamed on our politicians and their respective political party machinery including those who have stood by and watched the continual creep and erosion of our property rights and personal freedoms done nothing.   Most disturbing is the violence that King County DDES sanctions and the excessive ticketing and obstructions of development. 
As long as the vast majority of people, especially those in the cities put up with this governmental bully behavior,  it will continue and escalate.  These property rights stealing tactics and tendencies toward violence by the government is indicative of how our government is quickly moving toward force to enforce radical environmental and radical political extremes on others.  If you think these words are too strong even after reading the Charles Strouss letter and knowing about the New London CT takings from  Ms. Kelo and the uncountable prior unjust government takings, then try the current government stealing of the Fluke family home where they have lived in Stanhope, NJ for 50 some years. .  This was on Fox News  12-14-05. 
If you do not understand the link between property rights takings and radical environmentalism and the UN Agenda 21, do a little research.  It won't take long.   It was the 1000 "Friends" of WA (now Futureunwise) and CELP- Center For Environmental Law and Policy  helping King County to take more rights away for the rural property owners.   You would think this type of support and association would prejudice a case enough to wake up the city folks when they see their county government aligning with the local environmental sue happy extremists.  Apparently, not enough city lights went on because of the spin in the media and the colored brochures of distortion and the inability of each person to connect the dots of takings eroding our freedoms.  It's an up hill battle to distort the truth, that's the good news.  The bad news is the hill is more like a mountain.  The distortions are like snowballs, they just keep getting bigger and bigger as they are being pushed up the hill.  
Our property rights are systematically  being taken away by the big cities , big counties and federal government.   This includes the use of aggressive eminent domain takings.  Property owners have to keep repeating the obvious and retelling the old and new stories for this contemptuous behavior to crystallize in the minds of the citizens who just don't know, don't care, are being lied too, don't believe it possible, loath voting off the party ticket or whatever the reason.   Get on board with your local property/water rights group.  We are the beacons of freedom and the fog horns of truth. 
It's  critical that we continually pressure our professional and personal organizations and public officials to get rid of anyone in the government advocating property taking regulations and sanctioning the use of violence against the property owners.  Keep up the pressure and spread the word.  Officials in our government who are aiding and abetting environmental related property rights terrorism especially violence on property owners should be prosecuted and removed from office.  
Government employees that will go to no end to help one person who is offended listening to Christmas music,  will at the same time,  send out plain clothed armed hit squad to brutally take down a man in his bedroom before his wife on a mistaken warrant from a trumped up charge.   Yet their is not a sound uttered from the government or the political party machinery on both sides of the aisle.
When we can no longer protect our property as well as keep our property, you have another dot to connect that should lead you toward the truth of what is happening.   When the government blocks and refuses to change the corrupt election system, you can connect a few more dots towards socialism or communism, whoever we are at now.  Each of us has to rise above our own politics now and stand for what is right.  The political parties have long left the people intent behind and now serve themselves and their big lobbies. 
I would like to suggest that Pacific Legal Foundation take one of these assault cases on property owners and go after those directly responsible.  This type of behavior by King County government typifies a hate crime against property owners.  It is based on a environmental ideology that is loath to protect even basic constitutional rights.  This case is not unlike an existing case against King County  regarding the excessive redundant permitting fees and the obstruction of development in King County by DDES.   Not too mention another case against King County now at the Supreme Court to reestablish local referendums prevailing over legislation.  You can connect some more dots on the big picture when you see the peoples intent continually being over ridden by the city and county and state with the help of the environmental lobby and professional experienced intentional distortion of the truth. 
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA
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Letter to the Editor
Seattle Times

Your recent article (Seattle Times, December 10, 2005  "China seals town
after police kill protesters") regarding violent land-use conflicts rung
true to me, because I have also been the victim of armed conflict with
government over land-use issues right here in King County.

I have been politically active in opposing ever-increasing administrative
takings of land by heavy-handed government officials. Last fall, supposedly
in response to an anonymous and non-specific complaint, two King County DDES
agents confronted me on my own property. They were argumentative and
continued conducted an illegal search of my property despite my insistence
that they leave immediately.

I stepped onto my porch with a shotgun, and they left. Several months later,
I was charged with two counts of 2nd degree assault, which carried a maximum
possible prison sentence of twenty years. I am delighted to report that,
after several months of legal effort, these charges against me were dropped.

But as a direct result of these charges, and after I had fully complied with
the court's demands, my wife and I had four plainclothes policemen break
into our bedroom without identifying themselves. They pointed their guns at
me and forced me to kneel naked on the floor facing away from them while
they re-arrested me. If I had produced a firearm -- which would have been a
reasonable and legal response -- my wife and I would most likely be dead
today. When they realized their mistake, they quickly apologized and left,
still without identifying themselves.

So far, the King County Sheriff's office gave only a perfunctory apology,
but apparently conducted no genuine investigation of these events.

I realize that our experience pales in light of the recent events in China.
However, the parallels revealed by the following quotes from the Times
article are shocking:

"The number of protests. has risen in recent months as anger comes to a head
over land seizures, corruption. The clashes also have become increasingly
violent. as protesters vent their frustration in the face of indifferent or
bullying authorities. The government did not give us proper compensation for
using our land. ... Now they come and shoot us."

You can bet that this story hit home with me.

--Charles A Strouss III
  4610  244th Ave NE
  Redmond, WA  98053

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