July 3rd through July 7th, 2006

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WHEREAS, high-dense urban areas, known as cities, have an unfair electoral advantage in passing laws and deciding social and environmental policy, and

WHEREAS, this electoral advantage disenfranchises rural landowners who have no say in such policy and strip them of their freedom, their dignity and their property rights, and

WHEREAS, this electoral advantage allows cities to elect politicians that pass laws and dictate policy that only affects rural landowners, in violation of the equal protection clause of our Constitution, and

WHEREAS, rural landowners have come together to show the city people, just how important rural land is to the city's existence, and

WHEREAS, rural landowners have come together in the spirit of solidarity to stage a silent protest against the tyranny of cities, everywhere and their government counterparts that have sold us down the river.


NOW THEREFORE, we the rural landowners of America, hereby declare the week of July 3rd through July 7th, 2006 (including July 4th, "Independence Day") and each 4th of July week thereafter, as FREEDOM FROM CITY TYRANNY WEEK, a declaration of Rural Independence.

WE RESOLVE that starting at 12:01 AM, Monday, July 3rd, 2006 and ending at midnight July 7th rural landowners unite in the following actions, or in actions, as the case may be.

1. We shall not buy anything during the said period.

2. We shall not deliver any product for said period.

3. We shall lay off all employees for said period.

4. We shall pay no taxes during said period.

5. We will make every effort to block all rural roads such that only emergency vehicles shall be allowed to pass for the benefit of rural landowners.

6. Sign NARLO's Rural Landowners' Pledge and send a copy to all your local, state and Federal politicians.

WE FURTHER RESOLVE to communicate our demands to the government, in no uncertain terms, to immediately take action to:

1. Repeal the Endangered Species Act.

2. Immediately transfer all UN Biospheres back to U. S. sovereignty.

3. Cease and desist the implementation of all wildland protection projects.

4. Cease and desist buying up anymore private land for environmental reasons, or conservation and commence selling off government land to private citizens, but not to large corporations, or businesses, or foreign owners.

5. Cease and desist passing any more environmental legislation. Denounce global warming for what it is, a farce.

6. Put the military on our borders and stop illegal aliens from crossing into the U. S. by all means, including force.

7. Make it a felony to be in the United States illegally, punishable by fines, imprisonment and/or deportation.

8. Commence powerful enforcement against employers who employ or exploit illegal aliens. Enforce current law.

9. Nationalize all foreign ownership of U. S. businesses, utilities, or other infrastructure such as toll roads and open them up to bid by U. S. businesses, only.

10. Commence operation "Oil Independence" and open up ANWR and other areas of known oil reserves, for oil exploration and production and remove all environmental impediments (except common sense ones) to energy production and refinery construction.