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From: Ron
To: Jack
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 1:31 PM
Subject: Chuck Pillon

This is the letter that I sent to the Regional Justice Center regarding Chuck's upcoming sentencing hearing on August 31st.

August 27, 2007


The Honorable Judge Laura Inveen

Regional Justice Center

401 4th Ave. North

Kent, WA  98032


cc: Mr. Brad Bates, State Prosecuting Attorney


Re: Charles Pillon, Case No. 06-1-12433-9



Dear Judge Inveen:


I am not only a friend of Charles Pillion (Chuck), but I applaud many of his actions.  He is not a common criminal that invades our homes and our businesses.  He doesn't hurt people, steal cars, rob businesses, commit fraud or any other kind of mischief and criminal acts that are perpetrated by so many of societies lowlifes, that come before your court.  He is a patriot, an upstanding citizen and a retired Seattle police officer, but he abhors an injustice, which drives many of his actions.  Apparently, our justice system (your court) has seen fit to prosecute and convict him of one of those actions.  I understand that according to your court he has been convicted of hauling some "woody debris" out of the Cedar River, which evidently is a Class C felony, subject to fines and possible jail time.  I further understand that his sentencing date is set for August 31st, just a few days away.


I can assure you that his act was motivated by one thing and one thing only.  To show that the requirement by the state department of fish and wildlife to install "woody debris" in rivers, to enhance fish habitat, is and has been hazardous to the health of human beings, but more specifically young human beings, some who have died because of this "woody debris".  Since when does fish have prior-ity over the health and safety of human beings, especially children?  To incarcerate Mr. Pillon for this so-called "crime" will be just another miscarriage of common-sense justice that we have come to expect out of our courts.  A car thief has to steal seven (7) cars before he ends up being jailed.  Illegal immigrants can cross our borders with impunity and "steal" social benefits, and the legislature, law enforcement and the courts look the other way.  But more importantly, to put a retired police officer in jail for anything but the most serious crimes, is to invite inmate retribution and a miscarriage of justice.


For these reasons, I respectfully request that you refrain from giving Mr. Pillon jail time.  Anyone with any common sense can see that what he did was, if anything, a minor, if not trivial offense, worthy of neither fines nor jail time.  We trust that common-sense justice will be served at your hands.






Ron Ewart, CEO

Triangulum Corporation

P. O. Box 1031

Issaquah, WA  98027


and also




Ron Ewart, President

National Association of Rural Landowners

P. O. Box 813

Fall City, WA  98024