Andrew -
I am forwarding this email and your request for personal stories of government environmental takings (email below mine) to my email list of property owners via bcc.  I assume you want only Washington State stories? 
Also I would like to ask each the recipients of this email in Washington State to forward to their list of property owners with horror stories.
The following people are on my email list.  I am asking each of these property owners to forward their story to you if they wish ASAP.
1.  My new neighbor Joe has been fighting King County for two years and 20,000$ later to build his dream home on 5 acres across from me.  This piece has a high water table and has second generation tree growth.  King County forced him to build 30 feet from the road and plant more trees if you can believe that.  I just ran into him yesterday going for the trees.  During sane times, he would just have brought in several feet of fill and built the house anywhere.  Just like Kent Valley.
2.  Charles Strouss has the mother of all government taking stories.  Note his story below.
3.  Paul Hyatt is another unbelievable taking story that I can never forget.  Paul has in the past asked to keep his story quiet until he fought through the government gauntlet. Paul are you open to giving you story out yet?  
4.  Chuck Pillon is another soldier of property rights.  I have  attached an old email on his story written by Edwina Johnson, one of our most active property owners.  Chuck does not use email I believe but his stories are well documented by one of our prolific writers.  I will call Reggie and ask him to forward you the applicable copies.
5.  Edwina Johnson also has a story to tell.  She is an excellent writer.  
6.  Diana Lechner and her husband have a story to tell.  
7.  Rod and Laurel McFarland help start the property owner's movement against the government takings in May Valley WA.  Rod has documented this story in presentation form.  Rod is the past president of Citizen Alliance For Property Rights
8.  Ron Ewart is the President of National Association of Rural Land Owners,, he has hundreds of people that may be able to send you stories.
9.  Steve Hammond, ex King County Councilman and now the new President of CAPR and our property rights advocate works with many rural property owners to help them deal with the takings of King County.  I might be a good idea to arrange an interview with Steve?
10.  Norman MacLeod is a leader in the Olympic Peninsula and Jefferson County area in property rights.  He is President of Gaelic Wolf Consulting, natural resource policy design.
11.  Bob Williamson Law Office is one of the local law firms that has spear headed legal battles with King Counties taking of individual private property rights.  His email is and his number is 206-292-0411.
12.  Pacific Legal Foundation has also handled numerous cases on private property takings around the country.  They come to our CAPR meetings frequently.  You can contact Brian Hodges,, 425-576-9565.
13.  I will send you my Excel sheet of the other groups I am aware of.  
If you do not receive enough stories Andrew, let me know and we will try again.
Jack Venrick
Rural Land and Home Owner
American Policy Center
Here is the story of Charles Strouss  written by our CAPR Vice President Preston Drew in our newspaper sometime ago, July-August 2005.
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From: Andrew Vanderput
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 2:28 PM
Subject: EFF and Property Rights

Dear Mr. Venrick,


Hello, my name is Andrew Vanderput and I am an intern at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation this summer.  Mr. Bob Williams has asked me to research a number of different issues regarding property rights, government takings as well as eminent domain.  One of my primary purposes, one of which I believe would be of special interest to you, is to give a recommendation as to whether or not EFF should establish a property rights center.  I was hoping that you could assist me in doing so in a few different ways. 


First of all, I read an email that you sent to Mr. Williams awhile back and you mentioned that you were aware of many stories of people and their struggle to retain their property rights.  I am interested in personal stories of people who have suffered from overbearing government and its use of Eminent Domain / Government Takings.  If you still know of some individuals who fit this description could you please email me their contact information?  This way I could collect a number of different stories of people being harmed by the government takings and get their story out there.


Secondly, that same email you sent mentioned a spreadsheet of some 34 organizations that are pro property rights within the state of Washington.  I was wondering if you could also forward that list to me, as we seem to have misplaced that list.  This list will possibly be used by our Citizens Action Network (CAN).  Any contact information you have on those organizations would also be extremely helpful.


If you could assist with these tasks then I would be extremely grateful.  Thank you very much for your time!


-Andrew Vanderput