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Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 12:38 AM
Subject: Anybody remember comparisons between Agenda 21 & Soviet Housing Authority report???

Some time back, probably in an email that was distributed around the proprights community, there was an article that demonstrated how, to a great extent, "Agenda 21" was adapted from a report from the Soviet Housing Authority that had the same conclusions about warehousing people in large cities as being the cheapest way to deal with them. Large sections of the Agenda 21 appeared to be taken verbatim, or with minor detail changes, from the Soviet documents. Furthermore, although Agenda 21 is quite clear about its main intention -- income redistribution -- the Soviet report was even MORE explicit, in that it acknowledged that large urban concentrations made it easier to influence people's politics to support socialist policies.
I was trying to dig up that email or article, but haven't found it yet. Does it ring a bell for any of you, and if so, could you help me find it or forward a copy?
Thanks mucho!!!!