But Garfield, a former investment banker and former trial attorney, goes further. He says that homeowners can walk into the courthouse in foreclosure and walk back out having foreclosed on their lender and receiving the title to their home free and clear of the mortgage or note. He turns the windfall argument about how unfair it would be for some people to get their homes for free and uncovers the real windfall — that lenders who have been paid in full and received undisclosed fees, are now foreclosing on property so that they end up with the property, the money, and a deficiency judgment too. It is the ultimate windfall and the misperceptions and ideologies that are in circulation perpetuate the fraud that has been committed on our citizens, our country’s place in the world, the erosion of our economy, and the value of our money.

Garfield is now in the process of giving low-cost seminars to lawyers and homeowners on the basics of defending their property and seeks nothing less than to stop All foreclosures on property financed between 2001-2008, which is when Wall Street stepped into the mortgage market and caused a drop in underwriting standards that can only be understood by people like Garfield, who worked there,

It CAN be fought and won!! Takes a LOT of persistence and fight, not easy, but it CAN be done. Of my group of about six or so, not one of us has lost a home (average time about 3-5 years) and we have received two without prejudice dismissals, which we’ll take it as a victory! Bottom line – FILE COMPLAINTS, FILE COMPLAINTS, FILE COMPLAINTS – on the notaries, judges, attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, you name it, if they step out of line in the least way, PROPERLY and thoroughly demonstrate and document where they crossed the line, and what law, code, rule, statute, etc., they broke, and be persistent in follow-up. Do NOT just complain about how you feel, be precise in what law, etc they broke. Don’t worry if your complaint is denied KEEP AT IT, as those officials that do not properly act can be held liable for their failure to do their jobs.
EDUCATE yourself as thoroughly and as quickly as possible, and if you MUST hire an attorney, do it for as short a period of time as possible while you learn how to defend yourself and assert your rights. YOU have the most vested interest in your case, and YOU have more power in that courtroom than any attorney as you are there by right, they are there by privilege, but you must know how to assert your rights, because if you do not, they will steam roll you very quickly. Sites such as Neil’s, 4closurefraud.org, foreclosurehamlet.org, Matt Weidner, and check out Dylan Ratigan