The attached diagrams/photos are offered as samplings of  how entities, including The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Agenda 21,  feral horse - polar bear - sage grouse - superhighway advocates, Center for Biological Diversity and Wilderness Society use your private property without your permission.

If your property  is on them, or you know first hand of any entity that uses your private property promoting their agenda, fill out the attached "Demand Notice to Remove Property" - notarize, then send  ASAP!





To: ____________________________________________________________________

From: Land (includes Allotment and Beneficial Water User) Owner in Township___________________________________

We (I) the undersigned are landowner(s) in Township(s) _________________________.

Our (my) respective properties are located at (Said Area) ________________________

County of ___________________in the state of ________________________________.

It has been brought to our attention _________________________________ (Or representatives thereof.) has allegedly included ___________________________through voiced intentions, public media, prospectus and other certain papers - a rendering of a proposed use of Said Area.

For the record, please note ________________________________did not receive Private Property Owner’s permission to include Said Area in your rendering.  In doing so, you placed a mark (cloud) on, and clearly violated Owner’s Private Property Rights, in your __________________plan __________________________of Said Area.

As Private Property Owner(s) whose property(s) isnow negatively impact by your plan, by virtue of ____________________________________________near and or on Said Area, please let this serve as a formal demand that you remove (erase, delete) ________________________________________from any and all materials generated by____________________________________________________________________________within

2 days of receipt of this letter.

Furthermore, let it be known that we the undersigned, are not associated in any manner what-so-ever with a company known as _____________________________, nor are we associated in any manner what-so-ever with representatives, associates or family members of said company, and that the undersigned did not give any permission what-so- to any party, to include_________________________________ near and or on the properties of the undersigned.

Whereas the undersigned have no associations with said company, please know that we the undersigned are to be held harmless, are without knowledge, and to be totally exempt from any liabilities what-so-ever, as a result of any representation what-so-ever said company may or may not have made to any persons as pertains to ___________________________________________ and said company’s master plan.

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In keeping our State and Federal constitutional rights to acquire possess and protect our private property (Includes agreements – such as Grazing Allotments and Beneficial Water User - with government.) we hereby demand that you file a certified letter with ____________________county clerks/assessors stating your removal of our property from any and all plans you may or may not have.

If you should chose not to comply with our demand, we will exercise our right to remedy (includes liens, seizure). Should your non-compliance result in private property owner’s attention to remove your property, you will be charged any and all costs associated – including accrued administrative fees, gas and hourly labor rate of $54.00.

We expect receipt of documentation of demand fulfillment, within 5-business days receipt of this Demand Notice.

Signed ___________________________________________________________________________________Date________

Signed ___________________________________________________________________________________Date________

Filed in the county of: _______________________________               State of _____________________

Department of Justice _______________________________



Notary Seal