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Anonymous is a friend who's faced over a decade of vicious attacks by eco-activists (despise him for exposing their lying litigations, conservation easements, endangered species). This is true. I've read many emails between eco-activists (Some of whom may of sold you a conservation easement?) discussing, "How do we get rid of ___?"
In reading my friends write,  I remembered a plaque Senator Ken Salazar had on his desk, "No Farms No Food," and wondered where he hid it since becoming Secretary of the Interior.  Roni
No connection to any land...
Wildlands/roadless projects are winning everywhere at once...
Soon...no more ag, no more connection to the ground, no more land law or property rights instruction, no more aggies, rednecks, wealthy property owners and good neighbors for the government to force derogatory regulations on, and dumbed down media and celebrities to gleefully bash!
But then - hasn't that (a no roads wild land Ameria) been the goal all along...as they promote their mantras, "Tourism's more important than agriculture! Farmers are stupid! Get rid of them!" 
Why is it that mostly everywhere Ag is getting either scaled way back or shut down altogether?
Seems like I'm more of a documentor and witness of the demise of farmers and ranchers who - once raised and immersed in cultivating land and water into food, are now being flung into a future of generations with no connection to any land...