* Special request to all Washington County Prosecuting Attorney Offices -
Consider starting a process to track all cases/action against private property owners & city, county & state governments relating to private & public property.
    1. Especially those cases against private property owners and public property involving green and social engineering agendas in your county. 
    2. Make this information public, by reporting cases to the Washington State Attorney General Office and the Evergreen Freedom Foundation newly forming Property Rights Center 
    3. Rural property owners are noticing a significant rise in cases of environmental extremism against individual rural property owners AND local governments.
    4. We are particularly concerned for a growing number of extreme hardship cases as a result of persecution of rural property owners in and around Puget Sound, e.g. King County, Pierce County, etc.  
    5. This includes actions against private property owners from over zealous county councils, county code enforcement, court clerks, court judges and any county agency touching private or public land or homes.
    6. We are suspecting a hidden green agenda in Washington State, especially Puget Sound, making examples out of rural property owners whose cases have been trumpeted up by neighbors, planning offices, regulatory bodies, executive offices, county councils, code enforcement, DOT, DOE, DFW. 
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John R. Venrick