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FYI news below - More takings. 
Please find Washington State Governor's Office and the Washington State DOE email addresses above for you to express your outrage over this taking described below. 
I think we are long over due for Grand Jury Trials against those who have a history of taking and restricting private and public property in these green government departments.   Ralph Boryszewski, a retired Rochester New York policemen, in "the Constitution That Never Was" suggested this. 
The escalation of restricting and taxing private property for nonsense green and financial myths is not only against the founding and fundamental laws of the land, it is criminal.  Yet those who devise these takings go unpunished and multiply.
If you don't believe communism could ever root itself in America, come to The Soviet State of Washington and the rural property owners will make a believer out of you.  If you don't believe One World Government could ever come to America, watch the Washington State Government and Non Government urban and green associations aligned themselves to the UN Agenda 21 takings like metal filings over a magnet.   
These tactics are much more than just petty politics, they are outcome based strategies developed over decades and instilled in the hearts and minds of the green extreme coming out of our state run indoctrination centers.  This strategy is seeded by the globalist who are collecting on the debt owed which is now up to some 11 trillion.  You no longer own anything in America and I can make a case, you never did.
All the dots of taking are connected from the smallest to the largest.  Their goal is to shut you out and shut you down from all your God given private and public property in this life time plus all your future generations.  And they have, for the most part, succeeded. 
The level of ignorance in government is beyond compare relative to the big picture of what is going on.  The three branches of government at all levels are no longer separate.  In fact they are hard wired in lock step. Whatever party is in power, makes no difference.  Those two parties are controlled by much powerful forces.  The system is locked up tighter than most want to believe.  They decide who you vote for.
Until the property owners establish their own Grand and Trail Jury systems and "Common" Law courts outside of the existing system, the natural born will loose more property net than they will gain.  Until the people organize their own militia again, as it was in the colonial time, we will not be free.  We must start thinking outside of the green box.  The government has no fear of the natural born state Citizens and wantonly take, tax, steal, jail, fine, code, regulate, confiscate, permit, trespass and invade our property and our privacy in near uncountable ways.  These are the hallmark signs of late stage tyranny. When government fears its people, there is liberty, Thomas Jefferson.  
All of these takings are orchestrated with force and tyranny.  The government and non government systems have made themselves unaccountable, without transparency and not punishable. There is no longer any government as we know it.  There is no longer any form of "representation" nor "justice." 
The courts, legislature and executive offices have become mad dogs with the taste of blood taking our private and public property.  No one among them stops this behavior or prosecutes the offenders.  How can the dog control its appetite tasting blood?  This debased unchecked behavior gathers more of its own kind to pack, stalk and cull out those who cannot protect themselves.    
There are certainly no founding charters or fundamental laws of the land which are honored.  We live in an era of growing despotic progressive relativism to the whims of an elite few who modulate the masses.  And these few have the power to create legends and myths which the majority of Americans, educated and not, believe.  The state sponsored media, training camps, government bureaucracy, urban centers, UN and global groups all amplify the drum beat of taking private and public property at any cost for any reason they deem necessary as long as they get a piece of it.
The natural born state Citizens think they have no power.  What they have fought and died for was given up and taken long ago. The majority of the super wealth is controlled by a few who have cross boarded and networked themselves into every nook and cranny in America to control the natural resources, debase the monetary system, pretend the concept of interest is not usurious, pretend direct taxes are legitimate, pretend you can place indirect and excise taxes directly on the natural born, pretend you can take their private property and throw them into the street all at the same time.
The model of the system itself is rotten to the core.  It cannot be fixed.  Whenever I talk to a government employee and many non government types, they have no clue what is going on.  It is as if they have been brain washed or hypnotized.  They are beyond arrogant.  Most cannot imagine any other way of surviving but their current concept of taking everything for "government."  They just don't get it and tell you, just be happy with what you have.
It is most incredible to witness.      
While we fight the important battles and better organize, this will not be enough, in my opinion.  You cannot significantly change the existing system.  You may as well ask someone to change their religion.  Several hundred million natural born Americans are held in relative captivity by only a very few percent of the population by limiting the belief systems of the masses.  It is not unlike chaining an elephant during its young years when it cannot move the stake.  It grows up with a very limited belief system that it still cannot move the stake.
A massive public and private infrastructure has been erected to lord over our property and our lives by pounding in these green (money and environmental) urban stakes of legends and myths constantly.  I turned off all media several years ago.   
The game board of taking your private and public property must be thrown out before we are truly free.  Currently the chess board is loaded with outcome based schemes which neutralize any honest attempt to "correct" the problems.  You cannot amend a system or a charter which is fundamentally and functionally broken.
To better appreciate how ruthless the crooks are that control America and other countries, here is just one example.  The southern states were not allowed to secede nor were they allowed to compete against the north shipping ports for long because they were doing a much better business that the north.   Lincoln's war they called it.  One million two hundred thousand young men and innocent citizen died because of this greed.  
Americans must stop believing everything they were taught and told.  The system is upside down and backwards and evil to boot.
The puppeteers pulling the strings at the top are more in control today than colonial times.  State independence is the last thing they want.  Individual freedom and sovereignty of the state Citizens is forbidden under any condition.  American military will war on its own natural born to keep us from separating into our rightful independent and sovereign states.  They are warring on us now to stop us from further arming ourselves and protecting our property.  They will have us consume ourselves first rather than discard their feudal barbaric systems of taking property. 
If you cannot believe this, I certainly understand.  It took me 5 years of growing research to believe it myself and to make this statement.  This is why we have lost all our property rights and unalienable rights.  The hard truth is even worse than this.  The globalist and their central banks have long ago undermined the founding and fundamental charters.  The government was never free nor was the Constitution freely and rightfully ratified nor were there three separate branches.  The currency was near instantly debased and the monetary system too.  The judiciary was given far too much power than originally intended (The First Judiciary Act of 1789) and what was initially given was far too much.
"They contend, in favour of their own, that the portion of liberty enjoyed in England, is just enough to enslave a country by, more productively than by despotism; and that as the real object of all despotism is revenue, a government so formed obtains more that it could do either by direct despotism, or in a full state of freedom and is therefore on the ground of interest, opposed to both."  "Rights of Man", Thomas Paine. 
Property owners must wake up fast and better arm ourselves than the fascist system in control who have become a cancer on our own private and public property.   Arm yourself too, with the hard truth and come to learn your divine rights that were promised to you when  you became a natural born state sovereign and free Citizen.  You are not a slave nor an indentured servant nor can you be taxed, taken or restricted by force and tyranny.
No one stands over you in a Constitutional Republic.  God stands with you.  The natural born is on high ground and this land is all yours NOT the governments, nor a "majority", nor a "minority", and certainly not an elite green government or non government department or individual.  
The entire system of taking, taxing, regulating, zoning, permitting, restricting, buffering, acts, ordinances, licensing of the natural born sovereign state Citizens is not just ludicrous, it is an abomination and will continue regardless of the parties in office. 
The property owners must revolt and cut off ALL forms of direct, indirect and excise taxing placed upon the natural born sovereign state Citizens.  The municipal corporate state has too much dam property, funding and power and this is why they have become like mad dogs.
The Second American Revolution has started not unlike the first one.   This time the experiment will work and the states will cast off the union and be independent.  The natural born will cast off all government oppression and be free and sovereign independent agents.  
Government, political parties, academia and the mainstream media and their associations hate the hard truth, it disrupts their careers of taking.  We are into some 85,045 nights post American Revolution I.  Who would guess this historic event would be proceeded by another long era of taking down private and public property.  Property owners must become beacons of lights across America and expose all those who steal and restrict our God given rights to own property with full allodial rights of kings and queens. 
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
The Boeing Company
30 Years Retired
Electrical Systems
Industrial Engineering Systems
Resource Administration/Forecasting
Test Data Systems
Facility Management Systems
Engineering Standards Systems
Montana State University
BS Electrical Engineering
MS Applied Science
Industrial Engineering
Business Administration
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A friend of ours and his family have inherited a large area of land on the edge of the Columbia River.  Bureaucrats at the federal level will not give them an easement to access their land. The bureaucrat is making it all about habitat that exists all over, not just in a small area. The Feds and WDFW are asking them to give the Feds their spectacular view land in exchange for crap land. If they don't trade, they never get to use their land and they still have to pay taxes on it.
Not one elected has made a law stopping this use of land only bureaucrats, who are preventing the use of personal property.
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The DOE vs. Kittitas County

The big news this month—maybe this year—has been the Department of Ecology’s (DOE) decision to place a moratorium on exempt wells in the Upper County—a policy that bans the drilling of new water wells for single-family homes.  For those few citizens who have been closely following this two-year saga, this outcome was not entirely surprising. If you are part of the other 99%, you may be asking the simple question “How did we get here?”

To understand how we got to where we are, you need to know the “players” in our local melodrama.

Center stage in our drama is Jay Manning, director of the DOE. Mr. Manning currently holds the job his boss, Christine Gregiore, once held many years ago. Like Gregiore, Mr. Manning has hopes of following a similar career path to the Governor’s Office when Mrs. Gregiore exits in 2012.  To do that he is going to need two things—the support of the environmental community and lots of money. By kicking sand in the face of Kittitas County he helps himself accomplish both goals. Knowing a liberal Democrat could never win Kittitas County in a gubernatorial election, he loses nothing by undermining our economy, but endears himself to the Westside environmental community. Come 2012, he will be visiting them with his hands out and the money will flow.

Equally prominent in our cast of characters is the “citizens” group Aqua Permanente.  This grass roots organization has all of two members in it, half of which comes from that other extremist organization called the Kittitas County Conservation Coalition (KCCC). In order for Jay Manning to come into Kittitas County and seize our water, the law requires he have a petitioner from inside Kittitas County. Aqua Permanente served as his Trojan horse. Claiming they were concerned about senior water rights and wells going dry, Aqua Permanente filed the petition that gave Mr. Manning access to our most vital resource.

Leaving aside the hypocrisy of its two members, both of whom get their water from exempt wells, their feigned desire to protect water rights is completely disingenuous.  First, not a single well in Kittitas County has gone dry from over consumption. Second, having no study that shows how much water we actually have, it is completely impossible to determine if we are over using it. The group’s true goal is to block housing developments, not protect water rights. Tearing a page from the Spotted Owl crisis of the 1980s, they realized they could not accomplish their zero-growth agenda through traditional electoral or judicial means. Just as the Spotted Owl supporters were not interested in Spotted Owls, but rather preserving forest land, the KCCC and Aqua Permanente realized they could accomplish their no housing policies by taking away the water needed to live in them.

Our final players in this drama are the County Commissioners. Unfairly labeled as obstructionists by a few, these three men refused to give into the extortion of Jay Manning or the underhanded politics of Aqua Permanente. What Mr. Manning left out of all his public press releases and guest columns in this paper was that he was demanding that the Commissioners sign onto a deal that he knew was illegal. He insisted that Kittitas County sign a deal that skipped the public input process and combined two water exemptions.  In previous Attorney General Opinions (AGOs) the AG Office had declared both practices illegal. When the Commissioners would not act illegally, he threatened the moratorium as revenge, not for the public interest.

Furthermore, our Commissioners held fast because the science was on their side.  Spending precious tax dollars, our elected officials commissioned a hydrology study. The hydrologist found that if you drill a well, and pump 5,000 gallons a day, every day, for a year, and not a single drop returns to the ground (which is impossible) it would decrease the flow of the Yakima river by .007% or in more understandable terms, about two pitchers of water.

Our play has some villains and heroes. Let’s all hope for a happy ending.


The DOE vs. Kittitas County Part II

“Surprise, surprise, surprise” was Gomer Pyle’s famous TV refrain. Mr. Pyle it appears should be working for Department of Ecology Director Jay Manning.  After completely ignoring the public input process, Mr. Manning has decided to leave in place the Kittitas County well moratorium even if the Kittitas County Commissioners sign his Memorandum of Understanding.  Yes, you read that right—Manning will not lift the moratorium even if the Commissioners give him everything he wants.

For months now, Mr. Manning has accused Kittitas County of negotiating in bad faith. He issued press release after press release telling our citizens that if the Commissioners sign his Memorandum of Understanding restricting exempt wells, the water will continue to flow but with his limitations.

Turns out that offer was a complete lie.

 At an August public hearing in Cle Elum, Jay Manning let it be known that he will not lift the well moratorium even if the Commissioners sign his Memorandum with all his demands. Turns out there was only one party negotiating in bad faith. Surprise, surprise—it was the State of Washington.  For two years our commissioners (past and present) have been working with DOE to hash out an agreement. It was not until last month that we learned all the negotiations were a waste of time. Mr. Manning had already decided to place a moratorium regardless of any of the negotiations. In a perfect world, the county should be allowed to sue him and his office to recoup our costs.

It is important that we set the record straight. Because Mr. Manning is an incredibly dishonest public official, many community business leaders are unaware of his responsibility for our situation. The pain of Mr. Manning’s decision is being felt across our community. Homeowners who are in the middle of building a house are taking a hit. Without water, they can’t move in. Realtors are taking a hit. Many of the deals they have put together are collapsing because, without water, one or both parties are withdrawing from agreements. Banks are taking a hit. Some banks in Kittitas County are refusing to make land or home loads in the upper county until the moratorium is lifted. Unfortunately, because of so much misinformation is being disseminated by our “liar-in-chief” many of these business leaders are directing their anger towards local officials.

 Here is an unfortunate fact. There is nothing our Commissioners can do to lift the moratorium. They did not put it in place and now, there are no concessions they can offer Manning that will get him to lift it. Manning has indicated that whether the moratorium stays or goes is between him and Attorney General Rob McKenna. Our local officials have been cut out of the loop.

In some respects, this should not come as a surprise, surprise to anyone. The Gregiore Administration has made a practice out of eliminating the input of local officials whether it is wind farms or water wells. In fact, her arrogant dismissal of any local input has so aggravated local officials that county commissioners from all over the state came to the hearing in Cle Elum to protest the behavior of Jay Manning and our current administration. These visiting officials realize that it may be Kittitas County that is getting beat up today, but they will be next.

Given these facts, I hope landowners, bankers, real estate agents, well-drillers, construction workers, local officials, and anyone who supports local control will direct their anger where it belongs—The Department of Ecology and the Governor. Give them a call, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.