Keep an eye out for this next session!  Vehicle Licencse Fees added according to the size of your engine?  Oh My!
This Bill would hurt, (unfairly), so many of us with families who need large engine vehicles such as trucks, SUV's, Vans!  Democrat Senator Rodney Tom proposed this Bill without thinking about the people he represents and without adequate evidence toward CO2 emissions.  Just another way to get more Taxes -Let him know how you feel about his idea! is a great place to see what's trying to get passed in Olympia.

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8th District Constituents:
UP-date on SB6900,
Let me extend my note of appreciation. What an amazing job you’ve done in providing me with your comments in opposition to this preposterous and misguided piece of legislation that would impose new fees on vehicles based on engine size and CO2 emissions. Undoubtedly the largest issue which drew attention from the 8th district this session!!!!!!

While it is true that large vehicles get fewer miles per gallon than small vehicles, it doesn’t necessarily follow that large vehicles emit more CO2. Both of these fees are earmarked for transportation purposes. None of the revenue is earmarked for air quality mitigation. Frankly, I can’t believe that passing SB6900 will make much difference to improve air quality, but certainly make it more expensive for some citizens to own the vehicle that best fits their needs. To many of our eastside farmers who’ve commented, this bill would unfairly penalize those who need to drive bigger vehicles (such as trucks, agriculture equipment or SUV’s) used for family or business reasons.

According to the Office of Financial Management, SB6900 will result in a $1.7 billion tax increase just in the first five years of implementation and should this bill rear its ugly head in sessions to follow, it could be substantially higher in future years. So you must not let up in contacting the sponsor of this legislation, Senator Rodney Tom. (D, 48th district) who apparently proposed this bill to start an important conversation to address global warming.

Technically, SB 6900 is still in the Senate Transportation Committee. However, it can be connected to the supplemental transportation budget as a source of revenue. Therefore, the measure is legislative-wise, still alive and was not subject to the February 12 cutoff for bills to get out of committee. However, because of smart, sensible and savvy constituents like yourselves across this state who have contacted their legislative offices I believe this bill is essentially dead for 2008.

Again, my sincerest thanks for writing to me with your concerns regarding SB 6900.


There is a bill that the Washington State Legislature is trying to pass in Olympia that, if successful, will directly add huge costs to our vehicle license fees. The bill is SB 6900 and it adds an "engine displacement" fee to the vehicle license tabs upon renewal.

The fee has a varied amount depending on the size of the vehicle's engine:

Engine Size (liters) Rate Schedule:

Up to 1.9 $0
2.0 - 2.9 $70
3.0 - 3.9 $225
4.0 - 4.9 $275
5.0 - 5.9 $325
6.0 - 7.9 $400
8.0 or over $600

Remember that this will be PER vehicle, PER year... 

Here's the web page for the bill where you can read the text:

Here's the link for contacting your representatives:

God Bless Washington State...

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