March 2, 2011

Dear John,

They don’t care about inconveniencing you, embarrassing you or even about the problems they create that may hurt your ability to get to your job …

In their insatiable greed for more of your money, some politicians in Olympia still won’t get rid of the Automated Ticketing Machines (ATMs). Unlike the ATMs at your bank, these government ATMs are designed to track your movement, and suck the cash right out of your wallet.

It used to be when a town got a reputation as a “speed trap”, people at least had a chance to confront their accuser. I guess the government figured that it was just too difficult and expensive to get law enforcement to extort money from citizens, so now they have contracted it out to private companies and their automated ticketing machines.

And don’t think that you don’t have to worry about it because you are a safe driver who follows the speed limit all the time.

You see, in Maryland after months of investigation they determined that the machines were giving tickets to drivers who were going the speed limit. Why? Because the ATM thought the speed limit was 30 MPH, instead of the posted 35.

Or what about the case of the pastor who was ticketed for getting out of the way of an ambulance?

This is why thousands of liberty activists across the state have joined the fight against Automated Ticketing Machines.

As you know, we have been championing the liberty solution by promoting bills that simply repeal the authority for traffic cameras in Washington State - HB 1823 in the State House and SB 5716 in the State Senate.

We packed the hearing room in Olympia when the House Transportation Committee held a session on traffic cameras. Many of you spoke persuasively against several proposed bills which only tinker with the law and logically stated the case for why a simple repeal is in order.

Then Rep. Clibborn refused to give our bill that would actually repeal the authorization for Automated Ticketing Machines a hearing in committee...after she received a huge number of phone calls and emails supporting it!

But do not despair! Liberty activists are not going away.

In the mean time, we are having phenomenal success with our four city initiative blitz! Activists around the state are gathering signatures. Just a couple of weekends ago in Monroe we got a huge number of signatures in just a few hours. Almost EVERYONE wants to sign.

With your help, we will be able to direct mail and flyer many of the representatives' districts, letting their voters know that they support greedy for-profit corporations that put you and your family at risk just to make a buck.

Reject the Traffic Camera "Tinker Bills"

Don't be fooled by politicians into supporting bills that tinker with the bad law allowing traffic cameras. These bills are red herrings that make things worse instead of better.

With all of the bills aimed at addressing “the photo-enforcement problem”, your representative will try to convince you they are doing you a great service by voting for one of them.

Or, the jelly-spined politicians are hoping that if they tell you they are supporting one of the Tinker Bills, you may stop demanding repeal to ATMs and leave them alone.

Don't let them have that political cover!

HB 1279 Expands Camera Use - Oppose It!

Unfortunately, amongst the Tinker Bills designed to “fix” the traffic camera problem is a bill that would quietly expand the use of the photo-radar, the most abused area of photo-enforcement.

HB 1279 would expand the use of the widely abused speed camera program far beyond school zones

If your neighborhood is like mine, these provisions could put speed cameras just about anywhere! The bill also expands red light cameras to 5 and 6 way intersections, once deemed too troublesome for photo enforcement.

Also, Substitute HB 1279 originally contained a provision to use the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) yellow light time + 1 second but this provision was removed via an amendment with no explanation. This demonstrates the incredible power and influence that camera vendor lobbyists have in Olympia.

It seems that some politicians still haven’t gotten the message that Automated Ticketing Machines are not about safety but revenue.

They apparently haven't heard from YOU!

Remember Automated Ticketing Machines are NOT about safety! Too many studies have shown that invasive Automated Ticketing Machines INCREASE both property and injury accidents.

If politicians insist on clinging to the safety lie ask yourself; what else will they lie to you about?

Now Cameras on School Buses?

Another bill, SB 5540, would allow school buses to have an automated camera affixed to it instead of making sure children have safe areas to get on a bus.

When will they be satisfied? When they have a camera in your home? We need to draw the line in the sand and stop this!

It’s Not Over Yet!

Traffic Camera pushers and jelly-spined politicians in Olympia would like nothing better than for us to pack up, admit defeat, and leave them alone. That's not going to happen!

Can I count on you to take the following steps?

  1. Contact your legislators (CLICK HERE for link to find their names). Ask them not to “tinker” with the ATMs, but get rid of these things.
  2. Sign our online petition by CLICKING HERE. This will increase the grassroots pressure.
  3. Please consider making a contribution to the Washington State Campaign for Liberty to help us in this battle.

Your contribution of $500, $100, $50 or even $20 will help us get the word out to even more like minded citizens.

Call or e-mail today urging your legislator to reject the Traffic Camera Tinker Bills.

We still have lots of tools to pursue Liberty and with you’re help we’re going to use them. Please consider giving $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250 today. We will use that money to hold accountable legislators who would rather support taxation by citation then real safety.

Keep up the fight!

Alex Rion
Executive Director

P.S. Help us stop the greedy, Goldman Sachs backed camera companies and their allies in the state legislature. Please consider giving $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250 today.

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