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Szandor Blestman:

An article such as this "Modern Political Prisoners in America" is a disservice to the target reality. It has the effect of bringing out in the reader: "Oh, in a country this big things must be OK with so few incidents mentioned" Did the German population know back during WW2 the extent of how many Jews and dissidents were being grabbed and put in the concentration camps? No they did  not. They were to busy being entertained and spending their money. Most of the German population thought they were just being moved some where else to all live together happpy ever after.

Well, the facts that hit the spinal cord are:

1. If it is claimed you owe $5,000 to any government agency (may be $3,000 now) they flag your passport and you are not allowed to leave the country. If you attempt to do so they confiscate your passport. This could be a claim from IRS; Child Support; Traffic Court; Property Tax Judgment; etc.   As of 2007 this circumstance had 16.5 million Americans flagged to be stopped from leaving the country (captives). Legislation was introduced (but did not pass) to lower the amount to $500. If that had been done close to forty-million Americans would have been held captive.

2. The prisons and court system generates for all of its players as of 2007 a conservative 1.8 trillion dollars a year. It is clearly an industry that perpetuates itself for any reason due to the money involved. There is no accident the USA has the largest jail and prison population per-populace of no equal in the world. It is VERY profitable to do so. Local governments tax the people to pay for it and then the same local governments invest in the same industry whereby they have a massive guaranteed profit. At every level from the courts to the jails truck loads of money  are  generated  daily.

3. The court system is not there to levy justice, it is there to extort money and property from all caught in that snare. Done so at threat of arrest warrant issued if you do not participate once snared. As of 2007 the court system issued for the year 4.6 arrest warrants to those that for whatever reason refused to participate with having money or  property stolen from them.

4. If you resit in force, they will kill you. If you resist with no participation in the fraud they will come to where you are or attempt to track you down and if located throw you in jail. If you confront in reply with law; statute; or ordnance clearly on your side it is in most cases arbitrarily ignored and you are stripped of whatever you have that  they can get their hands on.(two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for diner)

Reality is: They are operating an industry that generates 1.6 trillion dollars a year. They have set up a structure that enforces massive theft from anyone targeted; the victims; and at the expense of all to the tune of the largest industry in the USA. The whole show is run by attorneys chuckling behind closed doors as they destroy lives; steal wealth; and stuff their back pockets with the booty taken. Each patting each other on the back as they cover for each other to make sure their is no consequences for their own criminal behavior. The few honest and ethical that may be left within this structure are isolated and left in their own as oddities  to be ignored with the least amount  of cooperation given to by the self-enriched predominate players running the show as of today.

Every hear the expression: "Don't take a knife to a gun fight"? Well here they have created the circumstances for all on the outside of bringing paper to a gun fight, paper that is arbitrarily ignored by them as they use the threat of the gun against you if you do not participate.

The Beat Goes On, and the truck loads of cash keep a rolling through the doors as the masses are masterfully entertained with the fiction of a totally different reality that is making them easy marks for the taking...

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IN REPLY TO: https://www.szandorblestman.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=261:-modern-political-prisoners-in-america


Modern Political Prisoners in America




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