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Subject: Re: Obama Care Comments on Lawyers etc. III

I consider this very valuable...liberty, medical etc, etc

Don't miss this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAm6Qck5v78
(in case you are wondering - this is a REVOLUTION - note the teeshirt behind her at the end of the clip)

Not one mention of expanding medical school, or keeping lawyers from cutting a fat hog out of doctors - in Obamacare.

Number of lawyers in US has doubled since Clinton vetoed tort reform in 1996, and many doctors are forced to stop practice. The reason?? $100,000 annual mal practice insurance payments.(who gets that money in the end, Lawyers - who pays for it, YOU and I) Now put that on top of $250,000 to become a doctor, and what do you get - FEWER DOCTORS.

Why did Clinton veto, because the American Trial Lawyers Assoc. was his largest campaign funder - lawyers like John Edwards, who has the largest house in Georgia. 

Why doesn't Obamacare mention any solution to this?

Dems are a party of lawyers:
*most dem congresspersons
*m/m Obama
*m/m Clinton
* Kerry (who is writing the Senate version)
etc etc........

It's nice to be idealistic - but look at the facts, government is causing the problems, not the 'insurance industry'. US has more lawyers than the entire rest of planet Earth !