Subject: Is Citizen Grand Jury, the answer?  Let's learn Common Law and apply it

This seminar is very important for those who need to and want to learn the LAW and how to defend themselves.  People who have taken the training that Alex teaches are having, and have had, successes in different areas of need.  I truly recommend this class to anyone having trouble with foreclosure, IRS or any of the other unlawful corporations who are stealing our freedoms (or what is left of them).  Please, will you send this to your mailing list and let them decide if this is something that will help them or not.  Time and space are short.  2 weeks away. 
For more information, people may call Pat Butler, Lakewood, Colorado  303-374-3474
Thanks, this really is important.
ALSO, watch this video  and this is where Common Law (not legalese) is discussed.  John Harris is explaining what is happening in England and identically in America.
A seminar on foreclosure and all of what you see on the Harris video will be taught  May 23, 24 and 25 at the Sheraton Denver West, in Lakewood, Colorado.  For all particulars on this seminar, please refer to the following site:   Local information call Pat Butler   303-374-3474

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