Vehicle Plates Contain Imbeded Information...more big brother

Have you ever wondered why you are required by law to replace your license plate every 7 years? They tell you the paint is not warranted/visible by law enforcement. Maybe there are some other things you don't know about. I recently visited my licensing agent and found they are supposedly embossing plates with holograms. I did a net search and here is what I found.

Here is the link to view Florida's plate   Washington State looks a little different with circles that contain number and letters.

More info. at:


For the first time since the founding of the company UTSCH's export sales exceed domestic sales in Germany.

With ERUCARAT, UTSCH launches a completely new number plate frame generation.


UTSCH offers a comprehensive security concept especially for the international market. It consists of

1. vehicle license plates with country-specific emblems 

2. integrated security features such as holograms and laser codes (“security license plate”)

3. the “third number plate” and identity cards in bank card format for vehicle registration and driver’s licenses.


The joint venture AZON-UTSCH for the manufacture of vehicle license plates in thermo-transfer print is started in the USA.

In cooperation with the chip producer INFINEON and the film specialist SCHREINER, UTSCH exclusively promotes the technologically advanced “third number plate”, with integrated transponder, the so-called iltag (Intelligent License Tag)        { this is called an RFID or Radio Frequency IDentification and it's a computer chip the size of a grain of sand/rice }


The UTSCH Self-Illuminating Embossed License Plate is introduced to international markets at the international fair “Intertraffic” in Amsterdam.


Using RFID to fight Vehicle Theft and Misuse

To help traffic and vehicle management authorities with tools to quickly and accurately identify stolen vehicles by verifying that the license plates are the correct match to the vehicle and its owner,

TAGSYS, FABRICAUTO and La Poste (Phil@poste division) have recently introduced a new RFID-based technology that enables vehicle identification, counter theft and misuse.

The new solution is called TRI-Tag (Traffic Registration Identification). The TRI-Tag system works by adding a layer of electronic identification to reinforce existing visual identification methods.

As per the press release, the TRI-Tag consists of three components or three security levels:

- Robust tag attached to the license plate – RFID-enabled, applied to the front and rear license plates to authenticate the registration number

- Holographic security label affixed to the windshield – RFID-enabled to facilitate electronic and visual authentication of the registration number

- Hologram security image on vehicle registration documents – RFID-enabled, applied to the documents to provide easy visual and electronic authentication