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Subject: Fw: NEW WA State traffic Fines in July 2007

FYI  "Let The Driver Beware"   State will take anything from you to make a buck until you leave the State like Boeing did.
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Subject: NEW WA State traffic Fines in July 2007

The police 'revenue' patrols are out so beware.  There's a lot more where these come from as well:
https://www.courts.wa.gov/content/PublicUpload/InfractionPenalties/20_Total Penalty Schedule.doc

If you have noticed more WSP enforcement on the freeways - - - Perhaps,
this is the reason why Take care and be aware. And pass these to others
on your lists.

These fines went into effect on July 1st, 2007.

 * HOV Lane - 1st time offense $1068.50 (Note: The sign posted
on the HOV lanes that says $271 is now wrong (DOT is in the process
of changing them) 2nd offense fine is doubled; 3rd it is tripled and
fourth, your license is suspended for a year! (They are not playing

 * Incorrect Lane Change - $380.00 (not using turn signal or 'cutting'
someone off)

 * Blocking Intersection - $485.00

 * Traffic light when yellow or run on yellow light - $111 with ticket and
pictures of your license plate send to your home.

 * Driving on Shoulder - $450.00 

 * *Cell Phone Usage While Driving - $285.00 (Cell phone usage must now
be done with 'hands free' device.) Law enforcement has been told to
really start cracking down on this, as the accident rate is increasing -
due to cell phone use.

 * Cell Phone Usage in a Construction Zone - $570.00 (This fine is
doubled, from the regular $285.00)

 * Passengers over the age of 18 not in a seat belt - Both the passenger
AND driver will get tickets for $101.00.

 * DUI - Instant ARREST!
(The courts are now placing DUI's on your
driving record for a period of 10 years!)

 * Last but not least, you know that there was a thought that you could go
 at least 5 MPH over the posted speed limit.
Well, according to the
 WA. State Patrol, you are now allowed 3 MPH over, so watch your speed,
 my friends.

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