1. 7, at various locations along Auburn Way South.  These cameras are longer white tube type looking cameras.  Most of them are up quite high.  There are a lot of cameras around the City that look similar, but they are only used for vehicle detection.  They point a specific direction at an intersection and they tell the signal if there is a car present and that is it.  The strobe lights on the signal mast arms are for emergency vehicle preemption.  They go off when a fire truck or other emergency vehicle activates the preemption phase of the traffic signal.  These are not cameras.
  2. The only other cameras are the photo enforcement cameras.  We have them at 3 separate intersections.  5 directions total.
  3. They are at 4th Street SE and Auburn Way South, M Street SE and Auburn Way South, and 8th Street NE and Harvey.  These cameras are on a shorter pole and have flashes when they take photos.  You can see an example of what that equipment looks like by going to www.redflex.com and then going to traffic systems. 
  4. Correct.  The idea behind the signs is that hopefully people won’t be certain which intersections do not have cameras and they will stop running red lights everywhere.  At intersection where there are cameras, the signs site the Auburn City Code that pertains to the photo enforcement system as well.
  5. No.  We are working on getting the 7 cameras that observe traffic flow up on our website.  It will similar to WSDOT’s camera feeds.  It will give snapshots that are updated every 30-60 seconds.  I am guessing we’re still a couple months away.


Anything else you would like to know, just let me know!  Hopefully this helps.




Laura Philpot

Traffic Engineer

City of Auburn




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Hi Laura -


Thanks for responding.   I had given up and was looking for Auburn police or fireman to ask these questions, was just in town his morning.


I do business in Auburn frequently and have an ongoing debate with a number of people on the following questions. 


1.  How many traffic Cams are there that watch traffic flow?


2.  How many cams take pictures of our license plates?


3.  Which cams do what? There are larger 2"long white tubular cams and smaller 1/2" shorter tubular cams or sensors (?)with strobe lights.


4.  I see these cams/sensors all over town and the signs "Photo Safe"  even on more corners with no cam equipment. 


5.  Do you have these cams mapped out and on line for the public to check out what is going on?


I also  found this article on traffic management and see what looks like the long white 2" cams






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Hi, I am the traffic engineer for Auburn.  What can I do for you?


Laura Philpot


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This came in while I was on vacation….I thought I would forward to you.



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Can you please email me the name and email of the traffic engineering person in Auburn.  I have been trying to pass on some info.