To: Property Rights, Freedom Movement, King County Council,

In this era of overt invasion of our property and our privacy, consider the Ixquick search engine below which seems to be the most secure to your individual privacy on the virtual block.  They were interviewed on Coast To Coast AM several months ago. 
I didn't like their format initially so went back to BUT Ixquick informs me below you can change the layout. Advancedsearchbar while certainly more secure than google and the other more public search engines does not make you completely invisible either.  They claim to track you at higher level groups but who really knows.
Advancedsearchbar tracks at a higher level than the individual IP address they say but who really knows.  What we do know for sure is that the net of government tyranny has been thrown over all of us to catch us all and sort us out as they please.

The more I research why we are enslaved the more it boils down to our privacy has been breached.  Once your privacy goes, all else follows, including private property.  Direct taxes and especially taxes that ID you or your property go against all the founding, fundamental and natural laws of the land and God's laws.  Anything process or person that tries to ID has imposed an illegitimate tax and taking.
Everything you own, i.e. all of your property is tracked and recorded.  The only untraceable property I am aware of is apparently numismatic coins? 
My wife left the room in tears the other day when I told her there was nothing she owned that could not be taken from her in a second by the  "government", i.e. central banking system.  Everything she worked for all of her life could be confiscated by the city, county, state or federal global government in an instant, day or night, right before her eyes.  She would be helpless to stop them and it would further cripple her to fight them.
All of your brokerage accounts are watched.  All of your property is recorded.  They watch you travel now which is another taking. So they now have all of your assets via the banks, brokerages, bench, bar and they have your private property.  They also can create any reason they want to breach your property, vehicles, computer, internet even the privacy of a vote is totally taken.
This breach of your sovereignty has taken millenniums to develop and program into the human consciousness as "acceptable".  In the last 233 years it has been exponentially perfected beyond what was done in the prior 10,000 years of "civilization".  100 years ago all of the crooks in government would have been lynched, shot or otherwise taken care of.  The point here is,  what was a right a hundred years ago has now been changed into a green government sanctioned privilege.
How to get out of this trap is the question.  While the freedom movement works day and night across its growing grass roots to dismantle and at least slow down the world wide fascist taking machinery, there are a few things you can do personally.
Check out the attached email on YOUR unalienable rights and memorize them.  Let me know if I left some out and I will add them.  Start to become more aware of your privacy and "hide yourself" and your assets from everyone.  Close out all of your trackable, taxable, visible, accounts in the national and global connected financial network.  Consider leaving only short term needs local banks if necessary.  Get out of the counties, cities and states that are turning green.  Use this site as a forum to learn how the taking occur  Study this site and learn where to go
Our privacy has been highjacked long ago under the guise of "our safety" and now they call it "terrorism".  Every era has an excuse for taking your rights.  Social Security numbers were another major taking of our security.  There is nothing secure in "Social Security". 
You want to make yourself totally independent, totally debt free, totally survivable for at least a year without any outside help.  You want enough assets, food, fuel and arms to keep you and your family and your friends alive and out of harms way. 
The government has morphed itself into a pareidolia where you see them in a way that suits your belief system.  They always see you but you cannot always see them.  The cities, counties, state and fed and globalist have erected a financial, monetary, political and legal one way mirror too watch you every minute of the day and night.  We need to break the mirrors they use.
Government is a lot like a search engine on the internet, i.e. they are tracking you all the time and you do not have a clue what is going on.  They take your personal data and use it, sell it and exchange it for their profit and gain.  Then they tell you, its for your own safety from terrorism or the new mutant breed of bugs or the latest incoming rhetoric of "terror" or the MAD mother or MAD missiles.  I take your blood, your private and public property, your privacy, your peace and quiet and all your hard earned wages, assets and then they send you to an illegitimate war to kill you. 
Please note the attached email "Who Are The Real Swine Behind The Swine Flue".  To understand what the "hell" happen in America to the free born one has to journey back into history.  The answer is, we have never been free, so their is NO starting point in "civilized" time when we were free.  In fact, the process of becoming "civilized" has made us so dysfunctional dependent, we are all now codependent.  And it is this defect that has been capitalized upon by the cities, counties, state and federal, a.k.a the bankers, brokers, bench and bar.
The irony is that the "Constitution" and the "new" system of government set up, post Articles of Confederation, was bragged as "A republic if you can keep it".  However, it was designed, developed, deployed and integrated using "democratic" processes which manipulated the entire system, e.g.  agenda, representation, votes, ignoring the unanimous clause in the Articles of Confederation.  The current form of "Constitutional" government is not constitutional nor is it a republic nor is it a democracy.   The founding documents of this country were corrupted beyond recognition.  Try to comprehend how that has led to the enslavery of the property owner today.
What I am trying to say may be near unbelievable especially to the government types.  Even from 1620 and on, we have never been free agents because their is no privacy in our private lives and no transparency in the public life.  It is all upside down and backwards.  What we were running from in 1607 (Jamestown) and 1620 (U-Tube - original spelling) did not just come after us, they were the equivalent to the "urban" planners of today.  In other words, the  system and the game tables and the dice were loaded before the ships sailed and docked in America.  The East India Company, England, France, Spain and all the private wealth were playing chess and America was the chess board.  The colonists were the pawns.  The pawns won the first game but were faked out and taken down by the globalist of those days. 
I have a DVD in front of me now on this story but have spent little time researching it.  However what I see fits in with everything else I have stumbled onto over the last 5 years.  Again it makes no difference whether the taking of America was intentional or random, the fact is it was NOT taken down because it was never built, if you know what I mean.  I have enough data points to correlated this theme enough to be more than plausible level of confidence until I gather more time and data and a new eye . 
The strange nature of historical research is the following twist.   What you more often stumble onto, you can't believe because it does not fit into everything you have been taught and programmed to believe in.  The data is coming from what others have spent all or a good part of their life researching and they are credible sources.  One can say that the current freedom movement is built upon the work of these grassroots American historians who are over turning old rocks and digging deep into the dirt and lies fed to us by government, federal, state, county and city.
One has to unlearn their own bias in order to comprehend how America has been taken down.  The truth is better stated when you understand that we were never free and the reason America has been relatively prosperous happen DESPITE we were not free.  We were not "taken down" because we were never standing up as free agents that we are. 
It is a total lie and fabrication that the government and all of its growing suffocating social system has to tax for revenue.  You may as well say that a corporation has to have tax money to survive, that is the sick distortion.  Governments especially today have too much assets.  If they lived within their narrow boxes with only small uniform limited indirect taxes, the sales and lease of natural resource and imports, that would be more than enough.  It is because of the illegitimate direct taxes,  misuse of indirect taxes and the shut down of the sale and use of our natural resources that we are enslaved.  The government pig has become a swine and is killing all of us.
The natural born, property owners and wage earners have been all enslaved needlessly.  The African Americans knew it, because they had the chains, shackles, whips, scars and brands to show it.  The English common person could not believe what the East India Trading Company was doing either.  It was a world wide slave and opium trading market then and it still is.  The only difference is the chains, shackles, whips, brands and scars have morphed into a virtual invasion of our privacy and property rights and every other one of the 60 some God given birthrights you have.  See list attached above.
Those people who wrap themselves around their political party axle do not see this picture.  Some do not want to change their perception, some could not understand it and many will not believe it.  I was there 5 years ago, a complete political ideological idiot. The more I learn about this horrific historical picture of maniacal beguiling, the more I know I don't know enough.  And this is after 5 years.  In other words the entire system of taxes, usurious interest, and diluted titles are all unnecessary and a hideous fabrication.
The political parties you think you elect and the government you think you have, do not exist.  Even if you waved a wand and replaced all of the government with Ron Paul's nothing would change because this is only one of the many fronts of the wars and it is the one they want you to see.  The war taking over your life
The system of taking in America and this world is built using the seduction and tricks of a drug dealer.  Once you take the first hit, you have lost everything.  This is what the fascist in America and the world are counting on.  Those on the dole taking government drugs of choice may never understand what they have done to our individual freedoms and liberties, e.g. privacy and private property because they are drunk and addicted to the poison that has made this entire nation codependent, dysfunctional, bankrupted and more.  Once one member of the family gets addicted, all the rest go down with him or her.  This is what has happen in America.
There are two great white sharks feeding on the natural born in America.  These are the government sharks and the non government sharks.  Do not stoop to your favorite political party to justify either ones appetite.
What is going on in America and the world is not found on the boob tube, it has been replaced by U-Tube and the internet. The  current American and world wide political, financial, legal, monetary, government system is dying because the dark side is morally bankrupted.  They are more prehistoric than the dinosaurs relative to where human consciousness is today.  They know this, and are helpless for the first time in history to control the uncontrollable, i.e. the escape of free human spirit on a massive world wide level.
If you want privacy, you have to take it back, one thread at a time, just like it was taken from you.  If you want your property back, you have fight for it, every inch of it.  You have to get involved and expose all the crooks in government and non government who are entangling your privacy, property and life, generation after generation.  We have to scrape off the silver lining on government and non government mirrors so we can see them before they dress in their disguises. 
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
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From January 2009 onwards Ixquick completely stopped recording users  IP addresses! You can read more about this in the attached press release...
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