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Center For The Defense of Free Enterprise - Files Amicus Brief in Support of SSNW with Supreme Court

SSNW Has a 10% chance of being heard at the Supreme Court (see attached brief). Washington State Supreme Court gets petitioned by nearly 1,500 cases a year, only 150 cases will be heard

I like the odds. JD


Was Belenski Really Out of Order...Are All Speakers Treated Equally at the BOCC...

Why did Ian McFall get to speak out and get a response from Commissioners Sullivan and not Mike Belenski...Watch for yourself you be the Judge

October 4, 2010 - Commissioners Briefing - Commissioners Sullivan - Is Everyone Treated Equally?


Iron Mountain Win's Against Jefferson County

(see attached brief) Will Attorney Fees be Awarded...How Many Jobs Will This One Cost? 


How Much More Can County Employees Take? Who Will Be Laid Off by Year's End...Amputate DCD and Save Jefferson County

Think about it folks...Frog Mt., Fred Hill, Iron Mt., Security Services NW, Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort, Shoreline Master Program (SMP), M(w)IRA 17, Critical Areas, Mystery Bay "Mystery", No Shoot Zones, and Adult Moratorium(s). You can't make this up or maybe you can if someone else pays for it. All of the above are jobs and tax revenue killers.


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        Condor Tactical Jackets have arrived!

        Recreational shooting open at Fort Discovery...Bring Your Family.

        SSNW is an approved Winchester dealer  "SSNW helping citizens shoot more for less" 

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October 4, 2010, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners - Public Comment (click on link below)

Andy Cochrane - Port Townsend Paper

Ian McFall - Sales Tax - Video of the Week!

Steve Hamm - Citizen for Local Power

George Sickel - Brinnon Motel

George Yount - Passengers on a Rock

Jim Tracy - Cross the Board Cuts

Jim Fritz - Sales Tax

Joe D'Amico - Red Tape/Hidden Records

Tom Thiersch - Sales Tax

Mike Belenski - Papa Murphy's Pizza


Upcoming Meetings/Events:

          October 11, 2010, 0900 hrs, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meeting;


0901   - Public Comment                    (up to 30 minutes);

            - Commissioners Briefing       (time and duration indeterminate);

            - Regular Agenda                    (time and duration indeterminate);

            - Recess to lunch;

1330   - County Administrator Briefing (duration indeterminate).



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