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Looking At The Evidence


What Has America Become

Government Employee Growth


State Legislative Size vs. Freedom Index

Click on graph above to read study


State Crimes by Agency

State Crime by Fundemental Conflict

Washington State DOE Budget 2009

state of Washington Department of Ecology Takings


Washington State Fuedal Castle

2011-09-11 Ecology being criminally investigated
Stevens County Incoming Email


Armed Gun Fighters of our Fields

Photo credit to Roni Bell Sylvester


2004 Red v. Blue States 2008 Red v. Blue states


Washington State Counties

Washington State Counties/"Colonies" Under Seige by Government and Non Government Eco Terrorism


2011 Incoming & Outgoing From Rural Washingtonians and Americans.


"These transcripts from meetings in Morton and Longview
{Washington} represent citizens' comments factually.
They are standing up to the WRIA/DOE scam. As you scan
the comments, you will notice that the DOE used the
standard format of directing people to sit and face a court
reporter. What differs from our meetings is that the
transcripts were furnished almost immediately."
Jim Boyer


2010 & 2011 Incoming & Outgoing Email re. Property Rights Assaults on Washington State County Property Owners

  • Jefferson County
  • Stevens County
  • Lewis County




Water Wars - Directly and Indirectly affecting All Property Owners


Democrat vs. Repulican Counties


Foreclosure in Washington

2010-11-4 Late Post - King County Forecloses on Venrick's Ranch
and 10 Other Rural Property Owners Access Road - More Nonsense.
King County created the problem & knew about it for 4 years didn't
say a word until they served the legal fiction papers to all on my little
country road.



State Sovereignty Map

We The People Continental Congress Plan vs.
Dr. Edwin Vieira's Plan To Free America

Graphics by Jack Venrick

Jefferson County Washington Population Cleansing

Jefferson County Rural Property Owners will NOT comply with Sustainable Development, aka Sustainable Death


A Special Report - Freedom From Rural Cleansing


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King County WA DDES Rural Property Takings
King Communist County Washington is run by green thugs. If you are thinking of moving to the Pungent Sound, DON'T. If you are here, get out. Many property owners have been fined, jailed and their properties taken by nonsense.


Archives To 2009 From Property Owners & Freedom Movement

Special thanks to Ron Ewart, Norm MacLeod, Dan Bihary, Scott Shock,
Ken Shock, Pat Hampton, Deb, Devvy Kidd & many others



Hat N Saddle

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Compiled by Jackranch

jacksranch at freedomforallseasons dot org