Dear Rural Landowner, County Executive, County Council, Interested Parties and the News Media:
And to the news media.  If you want to use this as a letter-to-the-editor, be my guest.

"Now I can draw my weapon on a burglar stealing from or trashing my home, but I can't draw my weapon on an agent who represents the government that is out to steal my land.  Which is the larger crime?  Which of these burglars has trampled all over the constitution and violated their oath of office, to implement their theft?  The burglar uses regular hand tools, or a gun, to accomplish his crime and if caught will go to jail.  The government hides behind the law to do the same thing and will never be held accountable.  At least the burglar is honest and straight forward.  His actions state exactly what he wants.  The government is anything but honest and straight forward.  They just "take", under force of law, when they want something.  It would appear that the home burglar is the better of the two evils."
Ron Ewart
4451 308th Ave. S. E.
Fall City, WA 98024
425 222-9482