Dear King County Council Members:
Ron Ewart says it all and speaks for me too.  King County has gone crazy just like what is happening in Olympia right now. i.e. more taxes, cosmetic election reform, rejection of any bills that give property rights back, changing several prior initiatives voted through by the Washington citizens, taking away super majority to simple majority to raise taxes, etc.
Ron Sims and his fellow King County Democrats have prostituted themselves to the local environmental wackos and stolen property rights and rendered the county election process somewhere between corrupt and incapable of a honest election process.  They have diverted huge sums of money for stadiums and transit systems that only serves a few percent of the County population.  What this is all about is exserting urban control over urban AND rural areas for the selfish gain of the cities. 
It is unbelievable to watch King County and the Olympia deny there is a problem.  They are doing the opposite of what the majority of the people (Democrats and Republicans) want.  The majority of the people do not want more taxes.  The majority do not want token election reform.  The majority do not want oppressive growth management.  It turns out the recent state gas tax hike will be primarily for the Seattle viaduct.  The majority of Washingtonians wanted a revote of the governor 's election too. 
There is no major funding in the new gas tax to decrease the congestion on I5 and I405.  There is no photo ID and proof of US citizenship and no statewide re-registration of voters.  There is no relief on taxes.  There is no relief on this draconian environmental take over of private property rights. 
There is a very thin line between corruption and incompetence.  I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican or Libertarian but when you take more of my money and then take away more of my property rights and then take away significant election reform you have crossed the line into political self interest, power mongering.   You no longer care for the people you represent.  When you loose balance and see issues only one sided so strongly, you loose the truth.  When you want to win regardless of the strong objection of the many, then you are no longer a capable leader.  When you go along with your party politics to conform to political pressure, you loose your self.
Why are the Democrats doing this?  Why are you going against the majority of your constituency?  I think its part misinformation, i.e. city people do not know what the truth is on CAO, GMA, and Sustainable Development and part misrepresentation.  The CAO colored brochure measuring 13" x 19" was a total distortion of the truth.  The least the County could have done was present both sides of the story.  I have to ask why the Republicans allowed that to go out without a pro and con.  But I think I know the answer. 
If you do not understand the rural anger in King County, then you need to take the time to meet with our key people and understand the other side.  A  majority position on the County Council does not make you right!  My sample of Seattle city folks found they were shocked that the County was passing the CAO.
I have one neighbor east of me, who received $400,000 from King County to keep his dairy farm out of development and then I had another country "neighbor" directly west of me, who was allowed to build a 20,000 seat outdoor amphitheater.  Then you have 50% of your land use taken away among other rights.  Then Enumclaw annexes a hundred acres of farm land and turns it into a development and that is after it annexed half of a horse ranch for a mid school near me.   Not to mention the other little developments going up within a few miles of my 10 acres.
You really have too wonder.   This whole GMA, CAO, sustainable development is a fraud.  Did you know, It is not working in Portland or Santa Cruz County.  Not only is it not working, it is having the opposite affect!   More on that later.
If I wasn't experiencing this, I would never believe it.
Thank you for you time.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA
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Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:29 AM
Subject: Where is the anger?

Dear Rural Landowner, County Executive, County Council, Interested Parties and the News Media:

Once again, the CAO (Critical Areas Ordinance) battle between rural landowners and King County's in-your-face unconstitutional land use laws, has found its way to the front page, above the fold, of a local newspaper.  It should have been on the front page of a national newspaper.  It should be on the national news every night, but isn't.

CAO clashes go beyond talk -
Guns brandished in two incidents as landowner faces off with authorities
Dean A. Radford
Journal Reporter

First, let me take this opportunity to thank Dean Radford and the King County Journal for giving this story the coverage it deserves.  And further I would also like to thank Ben Cape of the Snoqualmie Valley Record for doing the same thing in their paper last week.
I went back and I read this morning's King County Journal story several times and each time I got just a little more angry, which has prompted this e-mail message.  Everyone of you are just one step closer to a negative encounter with a code enforcement officer or several county sheriff's officers, just like the gentleman in the article, because your government finally went too far by passing the CAO, in violation of every constitutional principle imaginable.  The 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments to our U. S. Constitution have been trashed beyond repair, unless landowners take a stand against this over reach by your government and thwart them at every turn.  The legislative and judicial processes for redress are closed, make no mistake.  Just look at what the legislators in Olympia did in this year's 105-day session.  Again they thumbed their collective noses at every citizen, except those that have "their hands out to government".  The legislature trashed I-601 and now it only requires a simple majority to raise taxes, and raise them they will.  This is only the beginning.  They tried to trash I-200, but failed.   They passed environmental legislation too numerous to mention here, that will take more and more of your property rights from you. 
While you were doing other things and not paying attention to what your government was doing, the U. S. Congress is passing "invasive species" legislation which will be just another failed government program, just like the failed 30-year Endangered Species Act, that saved maybe 10 species out of 1,300 listed, at a cost that is impossible to measure.  Both of these programs strip you of your property rights and a huge chunk of your income in taxes.  For what?
You have let socialists and environmentalists take over every level of your government and only a few of you have lifted a finger in opposition.
On the judicial side, land use cases have almost entirely gone to the government.  So much for legislative and legal redress of the landowners' grievances.
Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can resist in a meaningful way.  But my gut reaction is, no where near enough of you will.  So you will be stuck with these laws, because you won't take a stand.
But if you have the guts, this is what you can do.
1.    Help those of us in our local protests against government at government functions, especially wherever Ron Sims appears.  One is coming up next week.  Call or e-mail us today.
2.    On April 30th, your first half year taxes will be due.  Put the money in an interest bearing account and don't pay the government.  Taking their money away, helps to reduce their power.  Just ask Tim Eyman.  Government hates him for what he has accomplished that no one else has.
3.    Appeal your property taxes en masse.  Take the fight right to their bureaucracies and bury them in paper work.
4.    Put up those NO TRESPASS signs all around your property and tell the government, in no uncertain terms, to get off and stay off your property.
5.    Sign the rural landowners' pledge and send copies of it to all government types and bureaucrats.  It is attached to this message.
6.    Write letters and send e-mails to the government, by the thousands, with your "WE ARE MAD AS HELL and WE DON'T INTEND TO TAKE IT ANY MORE" message.  Do it today.  Now that's pretty easy to do and doesn't cost you hardly any time or money.
7.    Sign the petitions that are floating around to cut government's power.
8.    Contribute generously to those groups that are fighting your government for you.  The Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) is doing a tremendous job and needs your support.
9.    Want to find out what your government is doing?  Make a freedom of information or public disclosure act request for information and documents on a government activity that you think is wrong, crooked, abusive, confiscatory or for whatever other reason you can think of.  The government has to act on these requests.  Then review the information and report it to the Public Disclosure Commission, the State Attorney General, the King County Executive and the U. S. Attorney in Seattle.  Do a lot of them and keep these government types humming with your requests.  Information is a deadly weapon in the hands of the right people.
In the foregoing article, someone stated that "cooler heads" need to prevail.  Well let me tell you, we tried "cooler heads" and "reasoned arguments" prior to the CAO being passed.  But oh no.  The King County Council Democrats and Ron Sims thumbed their collective noses at our cooler heads and reasoned arguments, as well as the objections of the Council Republicans and passed these draconian CAO ordinances in the dead of night on October 26th, 2004.  We then tried a Referenda to repeal the ordinances.  We lost in the lower court after obtaining over 18,000 signatures in just 5 weeks.  That legal battle is now at the door of the State Supreme Court.  Pacific Legal is suing King County over the CAO as well.  A Washington Clone to Oregon's Ballot Measure 37, an initiative that requires government to pay the landowner when land use laws reduce the value of your property, is now in the works, statewide.  A movement is underway to carve a new county out of rural King County.  In our opinion, only one of these actions has any chance of success and that is the Ballot Measure 37 Initiative.  But it too is only a stop-gap measure, because what is really needed is to have government stop passing too many laws in violation of our constitutions and to repeal those that already do.  Only the "people" can stop the government and return this land to a country of WE THE PEOPLE instead of THEM THE GOVERNMENT.
Cooler heads? Hardly.  We need to be mad as Hell and take action, now.  So again I ask, where is the anger?  Read the above list of actions you can take and start action on one or more of them.  Come on folks.  Get some spine and get involved in this fight. 
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482

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