To Rural Landowners, government types, interested parties and the news media:

The CAO's just keep coming, one after another.   Now it's Thurston County.  Then it will be Snohomish County and maybe next Lewis County.  Kitsap County is about to shove their CAO version down the throats of rural folk in their county.  Mason County already has.  And of course all the cities get to pass a CAO too, but those CAO's won't be anywhere near as draconian as the rural versions.
But who gets hurt from these CAO's?  Certainly not city folk, like Seattlites.  No, it's just the rural folk.  After all, the city folk have "theirs".   What do they care?  And these city folk and Democrats, along with radical environmentalists, are the ones that are funding and lobbying for this draconian government confiscation of private property. 
Where do CAO's come from?  They come from this State's Growth Management Act (GMA).  Who got the GMA passed? That's right, radical environmentalists, Democrats and city folk.  How the CAO is interpreted from the GMA depends on where you live.  Seattle is in King County.  Democrat King County Council members (from Seattle) interpreted the GMA to create a CAO that was billed on Fox News (The Fox Report, June 30, 2004) "as the worst taking of private property in the history of the Nation."  Screw the 5th Amendment, due process and compensation.
Olympia, State Capitol and Thurston County Seat, a hot bed of socialists, environmentalists, liberals, Democrats, city folk and Queen Gregoire, went the way of King County.  A couple of Democrat State Legislators, Geoff Simpson and Maralyn Chase (city folk) sponsored a Bill in the State House earlier this year to create a state-wide CAO, patterned after, yep, you guessed it, King County's CAO.  The Bill didn't get out of committee, but you can see where these environmentalists, city folk and Democrats, want to go with this.
Now Snohomish and Skagit Counties are a little different.  Skagit County thumbed its nose at the CAO and said "we're fine".  Environmentalists sued Skagit County but the County prevailed in the Supreme Court.  Too bad Futurewise.  Snohomish County has vowed not to take the path of King County and if they do pass a CAO, it won't look anything like King County's CAO.  You know why?  Because there are some level-headed county commissioners in Snohomish County that recognize that this is America, a Constitutional Republic, not Soviet Russia.
When in the Hell are you rural folk going to wise up and realize that this is a real WAR between you the rural folk and cities, who are inhabited by radical environmentalists and the liberals that aid and abet them.   You are under a vicious assault by your government, lobbied heavily by radical environmentalists and yes, your high-fashion city-folk cousins.   The only difference between this and a real WAR is that most rural folk don't realize that they are under attack.  As each CAO is drafted by planning staff that are infected by socialists and radical environmentalists and passed by council and commission members who have no balls to stop it, more and more rural folk will be getting angry, like what just happened in Thurston County two nights ago. 
A CAO is coming to a city or county near you.  Are you going to rise up together and stop this madness, or are you going to lay down and play dead like Europe in late 1930?  How long will you wait before you do something about this unmitigated travesty being perpetrated on a small, disenfranchised, un-represented minority?  That's rural folk.  Perhaps you will wait until they come on your land or into your home at the point of a gun to enforce the CAO?  You can do something about this, if you act now.  But if you wait, you are aiding and abetting your own demise.
Attached is kind of a "poem" I just wrote about this WAR.  I suggest you read it and then start getting involved.  However, my guess is, just like Europe in the 30's, the lion's share of you rural landowners will do nothing.  There is another alternative.   Resist or be enslaved.  Those are your two choices.  You will be stuck in perpetuity with what you get.
Ron Ewart, President
A Washington non-profit corporation
Fall City, WA
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)