To the County Executive, County Council, rural landowners and the news media:

Some of you may know that we filed a Freedom of Information  and Public Disclosure Act request with the King County Executive on January 3, 2005 to obtain documents regarding the authorization of and the cost of preparing, printing and mailing the CAO Brochure.  We did this because we were convinced that the CAO Brochure was hurriedly printed and mailed to rural landowners in order to derail the signature gathering process for the Referenda that would put the issue on the March 2005 ballot for rural landowners to vote on repealing the CAO.  Obviously, King County couldn't let that happen.
Over two and a half months we continued to receive documents (mostly e-mails) from the county.  We spent several days reviewing the documents and our review has been summed up in a 4-page letter of complaint to the State of Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).  The complaint will be put into the U. S. Mail to the PDC on Monday, April 4, 2005.  We learned that the County spent over $50,000 of our tax dollars on this propaganda, in what we allege to be a violation of state law. 
For all of those parties interested in our review, you will find the complaint to the PDC attached as a WORD document.  It is interesting reading and shows how arrogant government really is and to what lengths they will go to push their radical agendas, including duping the very people they are supposed to represent.  That's hardly a government of WE THE PEOPLE.
After reading the document, we encourage you to voice your thoughts by whatever means, with the County Executive, the full council, the news media, the PDC, or other Americans that you know.  We would also welcome you to share those comments with us as well, if you deem it appropriate.
Take care and keep up the fight. 
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482