To: Mr. Joe Miles of DDES, the King County Council, County Executive, the news media and hundreds of rural landowners all across rural King County.

Mr. Joe Miles, PE
Division Director
King County DDES
Dear Mr. Miles:
We have been reviewing rural King County code enforcement cases in which your division is currently engaged against lawful citizens of this United States.  As you are well aware, many rural King County landowners have finally decided to oppose not only the unconstitutional ordinances you are attempting to enforce, but the way you enforce them, with intimidation, brow beating and coercion.  A huge number of rural folk have decided to just disobey your ordinances and do what ever they want on or with their property.  Civil disobedience to law is becoming more common place by the day.  They feel no obligation to obey an out-of-control government.
Activities on many fronts are taking place to undo what you, Ron Sims, Stephanie Warden, her staff and the Democrat council members are perpetrating on rural landowners in violation of the Constitution of the United States.  A few of those activities follow:
1.    We are starting the process to form a new county.  It is well underway and is receiving wide acceptance, especially in areas outside of the Kingdom of King County.  They can't wait to sock it to the wild-eyed "elephant in the room."
2.    We are in court to obtain referendum redress against unlawful ordinances, such as the CAO.
3.    The Pacific Legal Foundation is suing the County on the grounds that certain portions of the CAO are unconstitutional on their face.
4.    Strong efforts are underway to bring an inititative to the ballot similar to Oregon's Ballot Measure 37 which requires just compensation for land use or other ordinances or laws that reduce a landowner's value.  It too is receiving wide acceptance across the state.
5.    Selective protests and demonstrations wherever Ron Sims or any of the Democrat Council Members appear along with DDES staff.
6.    Coming to the aid of our rural brethren in egregious and confiscatory code enforcement activities.  We will be putting groups of citizens together in support of these landowners and descending on government offices en masse to protest the actions against our rural neighbors.
7.    A RICO (Racketeering) Complaint will be filed shortly with the U. S. District Court in Seattle to call for a Federal investigation into the fraud, waste and abuse of DDES, WLSD and other out-of-control King County Departments such as records and elections.  The complaint has been drafted and being reviewed by counsel.   These are the areas that we will be calling for an investigation.
A.        King County Department of Development and Environmental Services. (DDES)
1.      A consistent pattern of over charging and duplication of fees for permits of all kinds.
2.      Arbitrary and capricious actions on permit applications and code enforcement actions.
3.      Piling on of charges for spurious code enforcement allegations and penalties way beyond reason in addition to a pattern of intimidation and brow beating of landowners, either in some permit application, or by a discovery of some code violation through anonymous complaints.
4.      Purposely hiding pertinent files in code enforcement actions or during appeals.
5.      Denying citizens due process as required by the 5th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.
B.        King County Water and Land Services Department (WLSD)
1.         Imposing fees on property owners and then not apportioning those fees for the reasons they were imposed in the first place.  Rather than those fees (over $200,000,000 since the fee was imposed) being used for their lawful purposes, said fees have been diverted to build a huge staff, initiate exhaustive studies and buy capital equipment.
C.        King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)
          The printing and distribution of material clearly designed to promote and propagandize specific land use ordinances as an advocate piece, without proper disclosures and with clear distortions and misrepresentations of fact.
D.       Fraudulent extortion of federal funds to build salmon restoration devices in streams and seasonal creeks that have no possibility of ever bearing salmon.
E.       Consistent abuse of Freedom of Information and Public Disclosure Act requests.  King County has already been sued for these violations and had to pay out over $100,000 in penalties.  One particular case is still open and the County could be obligated to even greater penalties, all of which come out of the taxpayer's pocket and caused by government legislators to cover up negligence, mis-management and outright fraud, waste and abuse.
All across the state, individuals from all walks of life are over their eyebrows in what King County dishes out to them.  Stolen elections.  Over charging and doubling of permit and development fees.  Tent cities.  Diversion of funds.  Having to pay for Seattle's problems like the aging and crumbling viaduct.  Frankly Joe, we are all sick of it.
So we are coming to the aid of our rural neighbors like Stan Powers (what you have done to Stan and his family borders on government run amok) and we are going to take the issue to your doorstep at DDES, or perhaps one day we will just show up on your door step at home with one of our demonstrations, like we did for Mr. Sims.  Or it might be Stephanie Warden's or Jim Toole's door step.  No, there will be no threats or concerns about physical harm or property damage.  We are not violent people.  We are just Americans trying to live our lives under the U. S. and State Constitutions and the guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that those Constitutions provide.  Rest assured.  We will not stand by and let our government tear down our cherished constitutions.
Government has become the enemy of free peoples and those free peoples are going to rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs.  A day of reckoning is coming and a lot of you government types are going to lose your jobs, with any luck at all.
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482