To:     King County Executive Ron Sims, County Council, NARLO members, rural landowners, interested parties, politiicans and bureaucrats, radical environmentalists and the news media:
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners
For:     To all those who live In King County, Washington and beyond.  Because what can happen here can happen in your neck of the woods as well, and probably will, if it hasn't already.

"Oh Ron Sims, Supreme Ruler of King County
Beware the Rural Landowner!"
By Ron Ewart, President
Copyright July 8, 2008 - All Rights Reserved
Which One is the Dictator? 1, 2 or 3, or all of the above.
Dear King County Executive, Ron Sims:
Oh yes Ron!  You have beaten the rural landowner down at almost every turn.   You and your city partners in crime, the other Demo Lords and Ladies on the Council and your environmental minions, have managed to put rural landowners in a straight jacket with your draconian environmental protection ordinances, in spite of the landowners' vociferous opposition; an opposition firmly grounded in constitutional protections.  But you have turned a blind "eye" to those protections.   The 5th Amendment's mandate of due process and just compensation mean nothing to you and yours.   You bow only to the Cult of Radical Environmentalism and the reflection in your mirror.
You have unleashed your planning and platting Gestapo officers on the rural landowner to enforce your "Sharia" (Critical Areas Ordinance - CAO) law.  You have turned otherwise proud Americans into serfs of your Kingdom.  And then you even managed to sway the State Supreme Court to strike down their Referendum against the CAO.  We never cease to be amazed at how much power you really have over the courts and the election process, to enforce your will upon others and assure the ascendancy of your reign and those of your ilk.  (Not unlike Idi Amin and Mugambe, both African dictators) 
Now, along comes an adverse Appellate court ruling to your Kingdom and you "threaten" the rural landowners again with your dictatorial swagger by saying in your news release that:  "One possible unintended consequence to this decision is that some property owners may face higher restrictions than those currently in place."   Really!  What more damage can you inflict upon them that you haven't done already?  Have you thought what could happen if you increase the pressure some more? 
And then you further warn them that you will appeal the Appellate court decision to the State Supreme Court to once again, viciously attack the rural landowners with a vengeance, to prove your dominance over all you survey.  And of course the radical environmentalists, like Futurewise, the Washington Environmental Council, the People for Puget Sound and others will no doubt come to your defense and support your claims to the Supreme Court, with millions of dollars.  And we have no doubt that you will use whatever of our tax dollars are necessary to validate your specious arguments.  After all, government attorneys are like whores and pimps.  Pay them enough and they will perform any "act" you want, or prove any point with case law, no matter how baseless in common sense or constitutional law it is.
How dare you think that you and your city brethren can force rural landowners to bear the entire burden of your distorted vision of environmental protection, without due process and just compensation!  How dare you treaten them like peasants of a bygone serfdom, as if they have no rights at all!
But here is a question for you Ron, from the rural landowners you choose to dominate.  How far do you think you can push them?  You have gotten away with your chicanery so far, but how long do you think you have before real Americans, land-owning, independent Americans, stand up and decide they "ain't" going to take your garbage "no" more?  Are you laying awake at nights wondering if you have reached the threshold yet?  You should! 
Will a State Supreme Court ruling, overturning the Appellate Court decision on the Clearing and Grading portion of the CAO, be the straw that breaks the camels back?  How can you be sure that your next move won't create a "flash point"?  How can you be sure that the rural landowner won't just decide that your abusive reign is simply unconstitutional and they won't play your game any more?  How can you be sure that the unintended consequences of a Supreme Court ruling that goes against the rural landowner, won't precipitate a wholesale uprising?  Perhaps they will just start ignoring your unconstitutional law altogether, as many are doing already.  Or perhaps they may just decide to not pay the King any more and withhold their taxes on a grand scale.  How can you be sure they won't, Ron?  There are limits to all things, including how far you can push the peasants.   But Americans aren't peasants Ron.  Their threshold to government abuse is much shorter than the European or African peasants of old.
Perhaps you might want to re-think your next move and let things cool down a little before you go off half cocked, like you usually do.  Or are you so arrogant that you just don't care about potential unintended consequences?  Probably!
Oh Supreme Ruler of King County, beware the wrath of the rural landowner, for he has just begun to fight, as have we.  Oh and don't go jumping to the wild conclusion that this some kind of a threat against you, personally.  However, you can construe it to be a potential threat on your tyrannical rule and those that support your reign.

To all others:
By all means.  Forward this message to whom ever you think it might motivate them to action in their area.  You have two choices.  Either resist, or become a slave.  Slavery is scratching at your door step and has been for some time.  Time is not your friend.  Make this cry for justice sing out across America.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)