Two important meetings on issues that will impact your “people rights.” Just because it’s the holiday season and the economy is crashing doesn’t mean “they” have slowed down.


Department of Ecology presents its same old repackaged instream flow rule

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 – 6:00 p.m.

Fort Worden Commons


Ecology is still using poor data to make assumptions, but this time they have proposals to limit future water use in much of eastern Jefferson County.

Yes, they say that, for now, existing water rights and wells are protected.


• water from future single family wells will be very restricted

• In specific water basins they have stated how many new exempt wells will be allowed. After that, the remaining parcels will have to find a way to access water or a new home will not be allowed. This has the potential to bankrupt the county. For instance, only 109 new homes will be allowed in the entire Chimacum Basin.

• At the very time local agriculture is emerging as necessary for our food security, the amount of water available for family farms and gardens is being severely restricted.

• Ecology claims that they are managing water for Fish, Farms and People. Unfortunately, they forgot to include the Farms and People in their latest proposal.


What can you do?

• Attend this meeting. Let’s show them we haven’t gone away since 320 citizens sent them packing three years ago.

• Speak out. Be respectful and stay with the facts, but let your voice be heard. Write a letter.


OSF will support realistic proposals that are based on reliable data and which will work to serve Fish, Farms and People. It can be done.


Jefferson County unveils its Shoreline Management Plan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 – 6:30 p.m.

WSU Extension – Shold Business Park – Port Hadlock


At a joint meeting of the county Planning Commission and county commissioners, the preliminary draft plan will be presented. This will open the public comment period which will include a separate meeting on January 21, 2009, where oral testimony will be taken on the plan, while the deadline for written comments is January 30, 2009.


This comprehensive shoreline management plan promises to be far more restrictive than the critical areas ordinance. It’s time to show the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners that we’re still here and watching.