Help us help you, win this battle against a heavy-handed government
To those of you who have supported us in this battle against King County and Federal, State and local government's aggressive over-reach into our private lives and our land:

First let me just say that I could not have accomplished what I have done so far without the support and encouragement from all of you.  As many of you know, we have worked tirelessly for almost a year now, in trying to stop or repeal King County's CAO.  We are now moving into Snohomish County to try and defeat their CAO, before it becomes law.  We have a little better chance there, due to the political climate that is different from King County.  We have devoted and are currently devoting, hundreds upon hundreds of hours and thousands of our own funds in the local and now the national battle. 
But the truth is that the only way any of these battles can be won is if thousands more affected landowners get involved.  To that end we have started the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO).  Some of you have helped us out with NARLO already.  But we need further assistance and it won't cost you a penny.
The Internet and e-mail have become the new market place for propagating ideas and products.  When e-mail is used to its full limits, it has no equal in terms of cost per contact.  We are trying to engage e-mail as a tool in our efforts to propagate NARLO.  Again, we ask that you pass our website on to at least 5 or 10 of your e-mail contacts that would have an interest in seeing some real results in stemming the tide of an out-of-control, heavy-handed government, then ask those people to ask folks on their list to do the same thing.  Rural landowners, all across Amereica, are especially effected by land use ordinances being passed by federal, state and local government and our message would resonate more with them than with city folk.
We have a way to monitor the activity on the  website and even though we have asked many of you to pass it on in previous e-mails, our activity has not risen much above zero.  We cannot do this without your help, without spending thousands of dollars of our own funds in other venues, even though we are doing that as well.
There are 45 people in this list that are receiving this e-mail.  If each of the 45 folks sent out an e-mail asking 5 to 10 other folks on their list to log on to our website and have each of those 45 do the same thing (and on and on), it would sweep across America like a Seahawk's wave.  But before you do, log on to the website yourself and click on "TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTS" first, then visit the other pages.  See for yourself the powerful message we are trying to convey, before you pass it on to others.
The following is a sample e-mail you could send to folks on your e-mail list.  Just delete everything above the line and send what's left by adding the recipient at the top and your name at the bottom.  It couldn't take you more than a few minutes and the results could be stupendous, if done on a fairly large scale.

Dear ____________:
We have been working with a gentleman, Ron Ewart, CEO of Triangulum Corporation located in Fall City, WA, that has devoted considerable time and expense in trying to stop government from getting more involved in our private lives and our property by passing draconian laws that take away our freedom, our liberty and our property rights.  In many cases he has been extremely effective in raising the level of awareness about these egregious travesties that are being perpetrated on Americans and especially rural landowners.
To get many more people involved in this battle, he has started the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) and is asking Americans, concerned about their loss of freedoms and liberties, to log on to his website at to learn more about what people can do to stop and then reverse these unconstitutional actions by government.  We respectfully ask you to log on to this website at and click on "TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTS".  This and other pages on the site lay out a plan to accomplish these difficult tasks. 
After doing that and you agree with what is shown there, then we ask that you pass this e-mail on to 5 or 10 others in your e-mail list who you think would be interested in this message.  This way the message will sweep across the country in a matter of days or weeks, allowing thousands upon thousands of people to start taking a part in returning this country to its former greatness.
In furtherance of this goal, NARLO is asking for your horror stories you have experienced at the hands of government.  These horror stories will be used in the NARLO newsletter and passed on to larger audiences through the national media.  No names or places will be used in any article, to protect the victims of government abuse, from further harm.
Log on to today.  You will be surprised by what you learn about who we are fighting and how to win.
Take care,
Insert your name: ___________________