The Writing on the Wall – Who Represents Americans?



By Nancy Levant



I have been waiting for a hero - waiting a very long time for an elected official, or 20 or 50 of the elected to say, “…Hell, no!  You can’t take the land or water away from American citizens because it’s not yours to take.  No one owns water, and you can’t take or re-route it.  Memorandums of Understanding, stakeholding groups, and partnerships mean nothing under this, the Constitution of the American people.”


“Hell, no, the U.N. is not going to tax ocean use.  The U.N. is not going to tell the United States to do anything that the American people don’t know about, agree to, and vote upon.  Therefore, Agenda 21 is null and void in the U.S of A.  Gore and Clinton signatures mean nothing without the permission of the people.”


“Conservancies and wild land organizations and the DNR and all their partnerships are not going to tell American people what to do on their private land or any land that they support with their tax dollars.  The people, in fact, tell them what changes, if any, may be implemented.  Stakeholder meetings do not trump American voters or the Constitution of the United States of America!”


But, no hero comes forth, and they have had decades and decades and decades to do so.  We, the people, are now very unsure what our futures hold.  If massive social upheavals, including an environmental movement full of undisclosed and internationally interconnected partnerships can swoop down upon American people, taking millions and millions of acres, and equally, the fresh water reserves in our country, then what has our country become? 


No American citizen in their right mind, who understands the responsibilities of freedom and liberty, would allow this kind of grand theft larceny, and yet it continues on a daily basis, and not one politician says, emphatically, “NO.”  Not one comes to the rescue of the constituency.  Not one tells the whole truth about global governance, the World Bank, the WTO, the U.N., and their powers over our country.


The taking of our land for the 48 United Nations Biosphere Reserves in this country was unimaginable, unconscionable robbery.  The Klamath Basin water theft was pathological cruelty.  Eminent Domain is illegal, unconstitutional, and dictatorial.  Anyone who could walk away with peoples’ home and land and give it to their development partners is without conscience, criminal, and diagnosable.  But all this continues to occur in America each and every day, and not one politician comes forward screaming in defense of his country and its people.


It’s all going to come to an eventual head because it’s a perpetrated, U.N.-based infliction upon our citizenry.  If we are no longer Americans, then who are we?  This will come to an eventual head because every American, today, tomorrow, next year, eventually will have to pick a side having been given no choice by the grand theft of land, water, liberty, and human rights.  This will come to an eventual head because someone, or many, will one day come forward and expose misdeeds, lies, manipulations, and other white-collar crimes of enforced Capitalist-Socialism.  


Planned eugenics, the profiling and social re-engineering of our children, orchestrated pandemics, board room strategic planning and take-overs of land masses and water reserves; on and on, truths such as these have a way of being told, as they always have been when things come to a head.  It’s what happens when liars and thieves get pushed closer and closer to public corners as their abuses comes full-circle and are as clear as writings on walls.


I’ve even heard tell that the American military, if ordered, would turn against American people, siding with U.N. peacekeeping forces over us.  Want to bet on that?  Want to bet that our proud American military men and women, fighting for freedom and democracy in the Middle East, would fire on its American family and neighbors?”  Want to make that double or nothing?


I am waiting heroes – the ones who will surely make their marks in history.  I am waiting for men like Washington, Hamilton, and Henry because we are, again, fighting for freedom.