Rodney - here's Patterson's reply to my initial email FYI.
She sounds confused!  Anybody letting this idea get this far is very scary to me! 
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From: Patterson, Julia
To: 'John R. Venrick'
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 10:46 AM
Subject: RE: NO Critical Areas Ordinance NO 65-10

Dear Mr. Venrick,


Thank you for your email regarding the Critical Areas Ordinances and the update to the King County Comprehensive Plan.  While I do not serve on the Growth Management Committee (the committee currently analyzing the proposal before it comes to the full Council in September), I have been meeting with concerned property owners, environmental groups and I have toured a number of rural properties to gain a first hand perspective on the legislation's potential impacts on the environment and property owners. 


The challenge before us is how to most appropriately balance environmental protections with the rights of property owners.  This is no doubt a difficult task. The Growth Management Committee has spent hundreds of hours meeting with concerned citizens, holding public hearings and analyzing this complex legislation.


I very much appreciate hearing from my constituents on this issue as I continue to analyze the proposal.


Thank you again for contacting me and letting your views be known.




Julia Patterson

King County Councilmember

District Thirteen