Names given standing left to right
Dad's first Ranger District, Helena National Forest, Lincoln, Montana 1951
Born on the farm, homestead on the farm, starved out on the farm
Thereby he learned the hard lessons to serve the sovereign ranchers and farmers in Montana for 30 years.
These lessons have been forgotten by the next generation of government servants.
Some 20 years ago, after Dad passed on, a Forest Service friend of mine told me,
the US Forest Service was not the same as it used to be.
I never fully appreciated then, what this statement meant, until the last few years.

To:  The Four Grim Brokers who have Brought Death to OUR Public & Private Property 
bcc: Property Rights & Freedom Movements & Corporate Media

Because the freedom movements have grown so rapidly in the last 5 years please find my new format, link below.
An overwhelming flow of information is flowing in from an increasing network of Americans as well as Canadian
oriented groups.    It is reported there are some 3000 freedom based grassroots groups across America. 
I have document near 700 of them.  
Other good news, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) has launched the first phase of its million dollar
 plus Property
Rights Center, in Olympia Washington.  See the mission statement attached above.
This is a clarion call to encourage all of us to rise up and support EFF AS WELL AS your local property rights groups. 
The takings of property rights is being funded illegitimately by corrupt government by taking private property
i.e. a double and treble taking of our property. 
The tax system in America is unconstitional, immoral and literally killing innocent property owners & families
All while the Four Brokers of the Apocalypse print more bailouts for their own extortions of US  
Our generation must turn back this tide of taking for all those who have suffered and  died loosing their own
lives protecting their private property, traditional lives, security and family privacy.  We must bring back full
use of all our public lands, not only for our recreational use, but for the use of OUR natural resources for us
 and our future generations. The technology and awareness to take care of our vast natural resources is far
advanced to a surgical precession. 
My Father was a Dept. of Agriculture U.S. Forest Ranger and a Range Conservation Manager on the Gallatin
National Forest when he retired in 1970.  Multiple use of the national forest was the right way to deal with the
 horseman, hikers, bikers, ATV's, Snowmobiles, etc.  In Montana, the U.S. Forest Service allotted different trails
to each groups in some cases, as well as supplied the necessary lumber to build small bridges and to widen some
of the trials.  The ATV clubs used their own labor to do this.   
Ms. Susette Kelo of New London, Connecticut went through hell for 10 years along with all her neighbors. 
They were literally bull dozed down, legally dozed over and financially and emotionally ravaged. 
Some of her neighbors died as a result of the abuse they received from the local, county and Connecticut
government and colluding corporations involved.  90 areas are barren now where homes once stood, scattered
with rusty nails and dried blood and tears, all for a handful of government, academic and corporate crooks who
used greedy UNSustaining Development, UNSmart Growth and UNGrowth MISmanagement "vision" to extort
others into a myth that never comes true.
All of these land grabs are taken by more than just myths, they are nightmares for the natural born people living
 in and around these takings.  In the end, the collateral takings and shut down of OUR public and private land
 ultimately strangles us all into a slow death.
After near 5 years of research, I find NO founding OR fundamental laws that authorize or give jurisdiction to 
the taking of private or public property like we have been experiencing.  We are living through the second American
 Revolution AND the second Civil War, the likes of which few people yet envision.  The Bench, Bar, Banks and Brokers
of politics immediately corrupted the first great freedom experiment in America.  The houses of government never
did stand tall or separate.  They became instant syndicated crime organizations. 
The next advance for freedom and liberty we desperately need, is to take back our courts with the Grand and
Trial Jury system.  These are the true people's courts run by our peers, where We decide the laws
The government types, judges and attorneys need to be thrown out.  They have destroyed our government and our lives. 
Our peers will be are our neighbors and community, not those biased to continue their own fat positions at our expense.  
It will be the Bench, Bar, Banks and Political Brokers turn, to be persecuted, prosecuted, jailed and imprisoned.   
The Laws of Nature and Natures God will restore karmic justice to ALL who have orchestrated these illegitimate 
legal fictions upon US, which have taken down the House of Freedom in America over the last 233 years plus.
IF the American Spirit awakens now, we will take back all we have lost and much much more. 
 IF we do not awaken, America will fall sooner than Rome.  Rome rose like a phoenix during the first 500 years and
then devoured itself in the last 500 years. 
Freedom and liberty are built on free choice for the natural born who are sovereign and free by definition, 
no exceptions.  We have been corrupted with the use of fear, apathy and state propaganda called "education". 
All of this has beguiled us into systems of mythological & nightmarish choices.
Now is the time to stand up and stake your claim in the NEW LAND where the natural born will be free
from all these UNnecessary nightmares created by the Four Grim Brokers of Death to our private AND
public property in America.  These UNnecessary nightmares are taxes, usurious interest, diluted titles,
commercial regulation overlaid upon the sovereign using mythological choices. 
Stake your claim in "America - The Next Generation" by driving a stake into the heart of the
Four Grim Brokers that have brought death to our birth rights and traditional way of life. 
Jack Venrick
Rural Property Owner
Enumclaw, Washington
First the truth, then the SPIRIT of freedom & liberty will soar again.
"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God"
Photo by J. Venrick Canon A80 Steeple Church Portland Maine 10-9-2006

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From: Shari Brewer
To: Jack Venrick ; LandRights Network ; ; ; ;
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 3:15 PM
Subject: Re: New Web Page Up for Tracking & Posting Government Roundabout Takings

Please forward this to all multiple use and those interested in constitutional rights please.
We met with the USFS Dist Ranger and the over zealous FS cop today. Before 1990 there was a FS pamphlet that stated "Since Darrington is a logging community, there are numerous logging roads which are excellent for snowmobiles." "3 Roads ARE Closed to Snowmobiles" ( the 3 roads are listed.
For the past 25 years we in Darrington have assumed that a road was open for snowmobiling when it became snowed in and impassable by cars or trucks.
We have found out today that according to the following CFR we now have to go through a NEPA process road by road to get it opened to snowmobiling in the future. With one stroke of a pen 25 yrs of public meetings and PR with the FS for winter recreation is down the toilet and a precedent has been set for all FS lands in the US. The law was signed by John Phipps Forest Supervisor of the Mt Baker Snoqualmie Forest Order Number: 06-05-FO-05-02, 36 CFR 261.54(a)
The only FS roads open are those that are under the Wash State Parks Winter Recreation Grooming Program.  The fine is $5000 or 6 months in jail.
The young FS cop sited safety. I am wondering safety for what and whom? There were no public meetings or input that we know of.
With a stoke of a pen we have lost 85% of our non groomed riding area in the Darrington area. And this law will be in place for all forests. The future is that the Mt Baker, Okanogan, and Wenatchee National Forests are going to become The International North Cascades National Parks. Good luck maintaining any motorized access of any kind when that happens. I give it 5 to 10 yrs and it will be a done deal.
What I am suggesting is that we have a multiple use motorized recreation meeting with all players such as WSSA, Blue Ribbon Coalition, American Land Rights, NMA, etc. Somewhere along the I-5 corridor on a Sunday afternoon, 3rd weekend in March, north of Seattle. Any ideas? Questions to be asked.
Who proposed this law? What, when and where were the public meetings held? Were any recreation groups consulted or included in the discussion? What part of this law helps with recreation and tourism economic development in rural communities? We need to also include the 4 wheelers also. I would much rather have my kids doing snowmobiling or 4 wheeling then violence, drugs, etc.
Shari Brewer
360 436-1771

I have just find out that the law that was quoted was 36.CFR.261.54a and the law officer quoted a law that stated a road that was in the Olympic National Forest . This law is on a lot of other forest but not the Mt Baker Snoqualmie and is setting a precedent for all federal lands. SB

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From: Shari
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Subject: Re: New Web Page Up for Tracking & Posting Government Roundabout Takings

We have just found out the USFS has shut down all snowmobiling on all roads that have been open for at least 25 yrs. RCW 46.10.110. 2 of our members got $75 tickets this afternoon. Evidently this was placed into law by a FS executive in the last yr or 2 without any public notice or input. Shari Brewer

I am talking to the USFS Dist Ranger tomorrow. I have a call into the USFS Law enforcement head. Evidently it is a CFR which overrides the RCW which says it is okay to ride snowmobiles in the state of WA when the road is snow covered and closed. I will continue to get to the bottom of this. The WSSA (WA State Snowmobile Assoc.) is meeting in Okanogan for the yearly meeting this weekend. Hopefully we will have more exact answers then. Even the local Dist Ranger was blind sided by this one and had no clue. I will keep you posted tomorrow as soon as I learn more. Thanks SB