Save a little money and send your letter as an insert to your local paper such as the Woodinville Weekly.  The Citizens for Fair Process did this to disseminate infomation against the Woodinville Tent City a year ago.  As I recall the cost was about a nickel per paper, and you have the choice of choosing the distribution coverage by neighborhood.  You can put any preprinted material you want (any color, any quality, 1 or 2 sided, and any text).  It is a very good method to get your message across because most people will pick up and look at something that drops from their paper while many people throw away whatever looks like junk mail.
Al Taylor
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I am considering mailing out letters stating what the CAO has done to me out to urban area votes (I'm thinking ether in County Counsel Districts  1,2 or 5). I would not be able to mail out many as my funds are limited.  To do so I will need to get a mailing of registered voters in one of the districts.   I'm sure the campaigns have this info they can contact me if they wish.  I think it would be a good idea for many of us to write are own letters and mail them out to as many voters as possible.
I am attaching a draft letter that I might use for mailing into the second district.

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