Call to Action
House Bill 2196
Increase in "Real Estate Excise Tax"
Action Needed: Please contact your House Member and urge him/her to VOTE NO on HB 2196, creating a new tax on housing! This bill is scheduled for a vote of the House sometime before WEDNESDAY, March 16th.

HB 2196 creates a new tax on housing by adding a .650% local real estate tax. The bottom line is HB 2196 adds new taxes on housing -- affecting your ability to sell affordable homes to first time homebuyers, middle class families, senior citizens and especially those on fixed incomes.

Throughout the recession, real estate has propped up the economy.  Now, legislators are attacking the key industry leading the state through a fragile economic recovery.  And, this is only the first shot at real estate!
We, the real estate industry and many others have really been working hard to stop the REET bill.  In order to see the language of the bill thus far, please go to www.leg.wa.gov and in the bill search line, type in 2196. The substitute bill doesn't reflect the amendments that are floating around though.  Many of which make the bill worse.

Please send an e-mail with your "call to action" "VOTE NO on House Bill 2196" to your House representatives today?   You can find your house members by clicking on: https://www1.leg.wa.gov/House.
Thank you for your help.
Ron Ewart, CEO
Fall City, WA
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848