I do not agree that we can't collect signatures on Wash State property.  

There is case law that concerns the Washington State Ferries.  Signature gatherers were at work in those lines of cars.  This was challenged in court and the signature gatherers won.

Same principle, different Washington State Property.  

I am several computers down the road from when I had this newspaper article on my computer.  But maybe someone else remembers it, Tim Eyman, maybe.

Inez Petersen

brian wrote:
For your information, people are not allowed to gather signatures on petitions in Washington State Parks.  This afternoon we were at a public festival at Lake Sammamish State Park gathering signatures on I-946 when were told to stop by Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission 'officers' or we would:
  1. be ticketed
  2. be given a citation and escorted out of the park
  3. be arrested
if we didn't, were told that we were "harassing people", were ourselves harassed by the 'officers' to the point of their behavior being threatening and followed out of the festival grounds to the car park by the 'officers'.
Brian Thomas

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