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The Rise of Global GovernanceNow Available

Just in time for Christmas!

This 334-page book by Henry Lamb, is documented with more than 350 citations, and chronicles the events and actions of individuals and organizations that have brought the world to the brink of global governance.

See how America's land use policies were changed over the century to virtually eliminate the sanctity of private property rights and bring America's policies into conformity with U.N. policy.

Follow the progression of U.N. treaties, policies and World Conferences that laid the foundation for domestic policies in land use, trade, education, environment, and social justice.  U.N. policies adopted in the 1980s and 1990s are now being implemented at the federal level and in states and local communities.

See how the Global Green Religion rose to the forefront, and exactly what it is.  See how belief in Gaia has replaced belief in God as the giver of life.  See who brought these ideas to the U.N., and who promotes them in the United States.

Nowhere will you find this much documented information in one book.

We have also prepared a two-disc, five-part DVD set that traces the Rise of Global Governance over the last decade.  The presentation is designed for classroom use, conferences or individual viewing. 

Both of these documents are available here. 

Books ordered on or before November 30 will be signed by the author!



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