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Thank you for your comments.  They will be added to the official record.

Janet Kearsley

Natural Area Manager

Olympic Region DNR

411 Tillicum Lane

Forks, WA 98331-9271

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Subject: DABOB Bay In Puget Sound Washington "Natural Area Preserve" Expansion


TO: PRESERVATIONIST Incorporated, Municipal Corporation Employees of Puget Sound Counties, Cities & State

and Washington municipal corporation DNR employee Janet Kearsley



BCC: Natural Born, Sovereign & Free state CITIZENS 

Washington State Congress, U.S. State Senators, Representatives, Governors Office, Media, King County Council, Devvy Kidd, Tom DeWeese, NARLO, CAPR, AMERICAN POLICY CENTER, EVERGREEN FREEDOM FOUNDATION, PACIFICAL LEGAL FOUNDATION, INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE, ROCKY MOUNTAIN LEGAL


Thanks Norm, will forward the below well written comments to my list.

I have included the public comments from the prior meetings & emails coming to the Wash State DNR below from their web site. 

Since this meeting is tonight and time is short and the distance is long, I have included the Washington State DNR contact person and email below for those who want to respond ASAP.  There is an "appearance" they are tracking input.  Perhaps some of you want to enlighten Washington state DNR & Olympia.

My personal perspective follows - I repeat the facts & fundamentals for DNR however they see this and whatever good they are trying to do..

The Greens (both monetary greens & environmental greens) have systemically invaded and destroyed US over the last 232 years

Government could only do this by going against every law of the land

They lock us out of our PRIVATE AND PUBLIC lands with criminal government legislation, judication and administration.  

This funding is generated from the criminal Central Banks and the unFederal unReserve. 

These green groping government cereal groups TAKE the monetized debt handouts from the unFederal unReserve Central Banking families

This collectivism & Cooperative Federalism mindset has to be destroyed completely before we are all completely destroyed. 

Then these green government & nongovernment groups brag to the people - BOTH PARTIES


Why is this?



This is Very Hard Truth and near impossible for most green government or nongovernment people to understand. 

But understand you must and soon.  Government has no FREE CHOICE.  


NATURAL BORN, FREE & SOVEREIGN state CITIZENS have many choices how to deal with this situation....ONCE THEY WAKE UP FROM THEIR HYBERNATION from THE LAST 232 YEARS. 




Jack Venrick

King Communist County

Socialist State of Washington

Rails To Takings City of Enumclaw


If you feel so inclined, can you distribute this through the OSF and "various" lists?

Thanks,  Jim

Once again, opponents of an environment protection based proposal have been labeled as mis-informed property rights activists.

When are we going to stop be being viewed as a threat to the very communities we call home? Is that the sum total of the messages of hope that have been resonating on the campaign trails across the state and nation? Is the future vision one in which the primary objective is to legislative against the threats we pose to each other and the natural world in which we live?

Washington citizens have spent the last twenty years adopting and refining an exhaustive and comprehensive set of rules and regulations designed to protect our precious natural resources, on top of already existing federal regulations. We just went through a two year update of the Critical Areas Ordinance. We are currently in the stretch run of a two and a half update of the Shoreline Master Program. We have spent years on watershed planning in Jefferson County. The Puget Sound Partnership is investing literally hundreds of millions to clean up Puget Sound, damage I might add is being caused by the inhabitants of large urban areas who are now insisting little rural Jefferson, of which 95% is undeveloped, go even further by shutting off large chunks of public land to public access and use. We have a multi-layed system of environmental insurance already in place.

As was so eloquently stated by one of our neighbors, it is not about property rights so much as it's about People Rights. The right of citizens to be able to proper in their communities, and to be held in common esteem and respect by neighbors regardless of our varying opinions. The country and the state are broke. These are difficult times, and the worse is ahead.This isn't news to Jefferson residents who have felt the affects of a depressed economy far in advance of the rest of the state and nation.

Our elected leaders often talk about the strains a loss of Secure Rural Schools funding would place upon public services. The effect of the DNR proposal to expand the Dabob NAP has much the same consequences on a county level. Timber sales coming out of lands within the proposed area benefit health and human services, mental health, county roads, conservation futures, Fire District #1, hospital bonds, Port of Port Townsend bonds, library bonds, and school district bonds, among other benefits. In a region of limited funding sources, timber revenue is a vital resource. Land transfers are not as easy as advertised, requiring lands of matching appraisals, and while those transfers are encouraged in-county, out of county transfers are not prohibited. Plus, timber land transfers only provide a one-time benefit that is not sustainable. Payment in lieu of taxes provides only a small percentage of return gained through the existing practices.

The bottom line is the expansion of this Dabob NAP is just not necessary at this time. These are not the times to be thinking about environmental wish-lists. The people of Jefferson County and Washington state have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure there are checks and balances protecting our natural resources. The economy is the worse it has been in over seventy years. Now is the time to equally consider Peoples Rights, and the benefit toward the health of our communities that these timber revenues provide.


Please attend the public hearing on the proposed expansion of the Dabob Preserve tonight, 5:30pm, at the QuiIcene School Multi-Purpose Room. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!   

Read about the takings here -


Dabob bay natural area preserve public Hearing

October 23, 2008
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Quilcene School Multipurpose Room
294715 Highway 101
Quilcene, WA

Janet Kearsley
Olympic Region Natural Areas Manager


Dabob Bay NAP expansion comments and Q&A response

October 6, 2008

Comments are from the May 2008 public meeting and later communications (emails, letters)

Key Messages from the Comments "For" the Proposed Boundary Expansion

Key Messages "Against" the Proposal


A. Consider including most land to the south on the west side, and include steep slopes and streams



1. This proposal will stop logging



B. Consider including forest and steep slopes on east side of Tarboo Creek



2. Disproportionate percentage of "locked up" government or conservation land now



C. Include remainder of the watershed



3. Tax burden becomes greater on taxed lands



D. Include the areas under study on the northeast and northwest corners; Bring the boundary to Coyle Road on the east and Dabob Road on the west.



4. Concern about limited public access in NAP



E. Protect Dabob Bay instead of polluting it and cleaning it up later; Save public money



5. Statement that Jefferson County added regulations to private property once adjacent conservation lands were purchased through a federal grant



F. Include the timber sale area on Coyle Road



6. Against government conservation in any form



G. Support protecting ecological processes, not just rare plants



7. Removal of timber sales taxes from local jurisdictions puts public safety and infrastructure in jeopardy



H. Will help protect the oyster industry in Dabob Bay; economically important to them



I. Protect Dabob Bay and log a less sensitive area instead



J. Support combination of NAP to protect sensitive areas and NRCA to allow appropriate public use



K. Cheaper to protect intact ecosystems than restore degraded ones



L. Will add protection to the WDFW parcel at the mouth of Tarboo Bay



M. DNR natural areas are non-regulatory approach for protection



N. Provide a conservative setback from unstable slopes, 500 feet



O. Maximize the area of NAP versus NRCA



P. Protect this unspoiled area of Hood Canal and Puget Sound



Q. Support NRCA over NAP to allow limited public use



R. Include the entire timber sale (under appeal) area to the NE; Withdraw the timber sale and use existing Trust Land Transfer funds to buy this area