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From: John R. Venrick <>

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Date: 07/05/2004 10:30:42 PM

Attachment N1: HammondNewletterJune2004.jpg

Here is some more info on this Ron Sims, King County Council and the "1000 Friends of Washington" environmental land grab.  Please  email this around to all other King County property owners.  We need to make our opinions known ASAP. 

1.  Please see the attached scan of Councilman Steve Hammond's District 9 newsletter regarding this "CAO"

2.  Here is the group helping to stop this.  They have a good web site and a page in their site with all the council members addresses and suggested wording to send.

3.  Here is an example given for wording to send to Ron Sims, Steve Hammond (or your District's member), Council Members et al.  I would send to your WA Representatives too.

  "The proposed ordinances commonly known as the CAO are extremely unfair to the property owners of rural King County. It is unconscionable to ask them alone to foot the bill for 150 years of environmental damage caused by the urbanization of King County. I agree with the testimony submitted by Citizens? Alliance for Property Rights and urge that you read it and act accordingly. There is no emergency that requires this legislation nor is it mandated by the Growth Management Act. King County already has the strongest restrictions on land use in the state. Rural property owners have already paid much more than their share through multiple down-zonings.

Just vote NO to CAO."

4.  Critical Areas Ordinance You can testify online at this site.

5.  Comprehensive Plan

  6.  Councilman Steve Hammond District 9 site