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From: Reamer, Grace <Grace.Reamer@METROKC.GOV>

To: Irons, David <David.Irons@METROKC.GOV>

Subject: CAO Update from David Irons

Date: 08/20/2004 4:15:33 PM

Dear Concerned Citizens,

Thank you for participating previously in the process to update King County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Critical Areas, Stormwater, and Clearing and Grading Ordinances. We would like to update you about the process and encourage your continued participation in this crucial discussion.

Tuesday, Aug. 24, 1:30 p.m. - The Growth Management and Unincorporated Areas Committee will meet in the King County Courthouse (516 Third Ave., Seattle) 10th Floor Council Chambers to discuss the Critical Areas Ordinance (including the 65-10 proposal), the Stormwater Ordinance and the Clearing and Grading Ordinance. See agenda below. Public testimony WILL NOT be taken at that time because of a major briefing the Committee will receive about wetlands. An opportunity to present public testimony may be available at the next meeting on Sept. 14 before the Committee votes on these proposals. (The Sept. 7 meeting has been cancelled because of the Labor Day holiday.) No final vote will be taken at the Aug. 24 meeting.

If you oppose the approval of these ordinances in their current form, you are encouraged to attend this meeting or submit your comments via e-mail in support of amendments to make these proposals more balanced between environmental protection and property rights. You also can watch the proceedings live on Civic Television (CTV), cable Channel 22.

As additional meetings are scheduled, we will endeavor to keep you informed about the progress of the CAO legislation. Additional opportunities for public comment will be available when these proposals go before the full Metropolitan King County Council this fall. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

David Irons

King County Councilmember

District 12

(206) 296-1012

Meeting Agenda

Growth Management and Unincorporated Areas Committee

Room 1001

August 24, 2004

1:30 PM


Call to Order

        Roll Call

        1. Approval of Minutes

Approval of July 20, and July 27, 2004 meeting minutes.


        The committee will be briefed by county council and executive staff and state agency staff on the following wetland topics:

Executive-proposed legislation

      * Wetland classification

      * Wetland buffers

      * Allowed alterations in wetland buffers

      * Wetland complexes

      * Mitigation requirements

      * Buffer modifications

Best Available Science

      * Approach to BAS review

      * Range of citations and applicability

      * Findings of BAS literature and evaluation of proposed wetland buffers

State DOE Wetland Classification and Buffer Proposals

      * New classification system

      * Wetland buffer options

    2. Proposed Ordinance No. 2004-0122 Mr. Constantine

       AN ORDINANCE relating to critical areas . .

       3. Proposed Ordinance No. 2004-0123 Mr. Constantine

       AN ORDINANCE related to surface water . . .

        4. Proposed Ordinance No. 2004-0124 Mr. Constantine

       AN ORDINANCE relating to clearing and grading . . .

        Other Business