Commissioners, Jefferson County, Washington

Dear Sirs,

I will not belabor the points that many have already covered in opposition to the efforts of some, to see more stringent CAO regulations on rural Jefferson County folks. The Commissioners already know that my family faced approximately twenty thousand dollars of strictly regulatory expense, to just build a driveway through 900 square feet of wetland. In addition I estimate that over five thousand dollars worth of my time, over a two year period, was required to obtain the necessary permits. Had I not done all these things the property would have been unbuildable - an unbuildable 5 acre parcel in a quality subdivision permitted by Jefferson County in 1995.

The necessary permitting involved five regulatory agencies:

1. Army Corps
2. Federal Fish and Wildlife
3. State DOE
4. State Fish and Wildlife
5. Jefferson County DCD

I had testified early in the Planning process on CAO revision, to let everyone know just how difficult, redundant and expensive the process is already. I will state emphatically that Jefferson County DCD was the most difficult, and in my view unreasonable, of all the agencies. It was no surprise to me after dealing with this issue, to hear that staff of the DCD were simultaneously conducting SECRET negotiations with the Washington Environmental Council, aimed at further tightening the already nearly impossible regulatory requirements on CAO issues. I consider that such secret negotiations are a breach of State sunshine (open meeting) laws - not to mention the ethical aspect. The DCD personel are being paid by WE THE PEOPLE of Jefferson County , who own the properties targeted by excessive regulation. This is a unethical disgrace, plain and simple!

When we bought our first five acre parcel in Brinnon the year was 1983. At that time a five could be split into two 2 1/2 acres parcels after a few years. That was soon stopped, and by the mid 1990s five acre subdivisions were stopped - ten acres became the minimum. Now in most areas twenty acres is the smallest lot size allowed. Why would any of you consider hearings on "affordable housing" when you do things like this? It is a setup for only the rich to live here.......

I am an organic gardener, and a student of permaculture. It is environmentally unsound to operate 'growth management' policies aimed at stacking people into urban settings (UGAs). This policy, coming as it does out of 30 year old concepts espoused in UN Agenda 21, or so called 'smart' growth, fails to recognize the body of knowledge we now have. DOE has made presentations to the WRIA 16 meetings I attended, demonstrating the now known storm water pollution problems. All manner of chemical pollutants are entering the waterways BECAUSE of concentrated populations and because no sewerage processing can remove household chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, UGAs are sucking huge amounts of water from salmon streams and the aquifers that feed them. NO EFFORT is made to return this water to it's proper place, Port Townsend is a very good example of these issues - Seattle is the worst example in our area.

But it was the selfish Port Townsend political organization, looking after it's own economy while using the GMA to quash economic opportunity elsewhere in our county, that has accelerated the environmental problems I just mentioned. Dispersal of the population is the only way to manage the impact of human presence. Properly conceived homesteads with catchment water, modern aeration septics and organic food production are a benefit to the natural environment. Urban Growth is a POX - DOE recognize this, at least some of them will state the case. Furthermore, we have just now arrived at solar technology which is so inexpensive that the homesteads I envision will be off the grid, and carbon neutral - producing whatever firewood required for heating on a sustainable basis.

So I ask you all, where are the economic opportunities for rural Jefferson's youth. There is NO industrial development, no major retail development - it is INHUMANE  - what has been done to rural Jefferson in the name of environmentalism, smart growth and the GMA. Just exactly what is wrong with a nice industrial estate like Pioneer Way, across the bridge in Kitsap. It is clean, accessible, beautifully landscaped. If we don't start making the things we use, we will be a bankrupt nation - or is that the idea? Is this the Scottish land clearance - redux? Serfdom returns to humanity in the 21st Century, and Prince Charles is smiling?

Please look in your heart before you vote on this matter............Ken Shock,