Aside from one person’s nonsense being another person’s “meat and potatoes”, I’d say that the reason you received Mr. Shock’s message is because you are subscribed to the Toandos mailing list, and that happened to be one of the addressees for the message.


You should note that the primary addressees were the three Jefferson County Commissioners, and that Mr. Shock copied the message he sent them to others he thought should be aware of what he wanted to put onto the public stage.  If the Toandos list is moderated, then the list moderator agreed that it was something worthy of adding to local discussion.  If you disagree, then you should take up that concern with the list owner instead of broadcasting to the entire addressee list.  (Your reply will be published in the Board of County Commissioners’ public information packet next Monday, by the way, since all three of them were included as addressees . . .)  If the Toandos list is not moderated, and the list owner would not have approved of Mr. Shock’s message being distributed, then the list owner has the option to change the list to “moderated” status.


I personally feel that the issues raised by Mr. Shock are worthy of discussion.  There are many opinions on how rural lands should be managed, and the roles that both government and landowners in that management.  There are also varying opinions as to the degree of government control that individual landowners feel to be appropriate.  Those questions are not going away once this iteration of the county’s Critical Areas Ordinance is enacted.  I’m certain that your active participation in that discussion would be welcomed, regardless of your position on these timely and important issues.


            Norm MacLeod


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Why is this personal nonsense posted to this list?

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