Dear "real" Rural Landowners, County Council, County Executive, Interested Parties and the News Media:

Barbara Heavey of Kent and losing Democrat Candidate against Steve Hammond, District 9  in the 2003 election, demonstrated her true colors in a King County Journal letter-to-the-editor this morning.  She of course, being a Democrat, who if she had won against Steve Hammond, would have voted for the CAO, extols the virtues of the newly formed Rural Majority group that is made up of primarily card-carrying radical environmentalists.  She says it's TIME FOR REAL SOLUTIONS.  So now we can add Barbara Heavey to the list of the mis-named Rural Majority.
Real solutions?  Reasoned Voices?  Alternatives?  Yea, we tried all that for over a year in public hearing after public hearing.  None of it worked.  The Demo's, along with their un-American environmentalists "friends", just like Barbara, shoved the CAO down our collective rural throats anyway.  Now we are going to try anger, not real solutions, not reasoned voices, not alternatives.  Most rural landowners, the real rural majority, want the CAO dead and would have killed it if it wasn't for the arrogance of Ron Sims and Company, that sued the purveyors of the Referenda that would have repealed it.   Of course two radical environmental groups piled on to that lawsuit.  And the NO-CAO Referenda received over 18,000 signatures from the real rural majority. 
However, in contrast, the Pacific Legal Foundations is suing King County over the CAO on constitutional and substantive due process grounds.  A certified class action lawsuit has been filed against DDES for an alleged $20,000,000 in over charging applicants.  A RICO (racketeering) criminal complaint has been filed against King County with the FBI.  And the NO-CAO Referenda case now sits at the door of the State Supreme Court.
Barbara Heavey is just one more King County bureaucrat clone.  She was or is a project manager for King County, living off of our tax money and works out of DDES offices.   All she and her Democrat/radical environmentalists "friends" want to do is to make sure the rural landowner doesn't get the same privileges with their land that all of her "friends" inside the urban growth boundary get.  That of course is not equal protection under the law and it is patently unfair, unjust and un American.  But what does Barbara and her "friends" care that we lose and they win?
Here are a few websites that show who and what Ms. Heavey is all about.  (Article in Seattle PI) (Barbara Heavey, King County Employee)
So now we have exposed Louise Miller, x-King County Council Member (beat by our true friend, Kathy Lambert) as a RURAL MAJORITY (RM) member and organizer.  Louise owns some property around Cottage Lake, hardly rural.
We have exposed Michael Tanksley, pilot and avid environmentalist and RM organizer.  He owns about a half acre in Hollywood Hills, hardly rural.
We have Ken Konigsmark, avid environmentalist and small lot owner.
We have Peter Rimbos, avid environmentalist and small lot owner (1.15 acres).
Now we have Barbara Heavey, King County Employee at DDES, Democrat (big surprise) avid environmentalist and no doubt another small lot owner.
I am sure more of these radical environmentalists that don't own real rural property, will surface shortly.  But let me be clear.  They are not the real rural majority.  Stay tuned.
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482