Peter Rimbos
Maple Valley Landowner
And Sierra Club Member
Dear Peter:
I saw your letter to the editor in the King County Journal this morning ("Group [Rual Majority] a breath of fresh air").  Hmm!  Imagine that.  A card carying Sierra Club Member.  One more radical environmentalist to be added to the rolls of the rural majority, which of course isn't a majority at all.  I have passed this information on to the real rural majority, the King County Council, County Executive and the news media so that one more member of the so-called rural majority will be exposed for what they really are.  Just one more brainwashed psuedo American who believes that UN-driven, social and environmental agendas, trump constitutional law. 
Here are a few websites for others to see where you are really coming from. (Guest Editorial, Seattle PI, of course) (Sierra Club Member at large) (Member of King County's Maple Valley Council) (King County Journal Article on building churches in rural areas)
The fact is, you and many people who believe like you, have become an enemy of free people everywhere.  You have forgotten that this country is a constitutional republic, not a nation driven by international socialists and radical environmentalists.  It is our goal to convince you and others that you are dead wrong. 
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482